There are a lot of foodies out there who share their food experiences with passion and a love for food. However the food aficionado, LAURA HAMADE,  is a ‘must follow’ foodie, blogger, and amateur baker! We are really happy to share with you her culinary journey and her passion for food. 

The Food Aficionados Series Blog #3: Laura Craves 

The food aficionado, Laura Hamade, is the creator of LAURA CRAVES BLOG. She studied Psychology at Haigazian University. Laura is an amateur baker, foodie, fitness fanatic, and pizza enthusiast behind her food blog. She has always enjoyed trying new places and reviewing them. It’s when her friends started coming to her for her foodie experiences and recommendations, that she decided to launch a food blog. Laura Craves was launched in early 2017 as a hobby to give viewers honest recommendations of restaurants in Lebanon. Laura didn’t have any culinary experience until she started experimenting in the kitchen.  As she says herself: “I’m an amateur cook who really enjoys baking”. 

The explanation behind her blog name comes from her constant craving for certain foods, especially desserts after every meal. 

The food aficionado Laura Hamade

Inspiration & Motivation 

” I can’t really say I’ve passed major milestones, but launching Laura Craves was a great decision and I’m happy to be working with several great brands.”

What keeps Laura Craves Blog up is that before she looks for a new place to eat, she checks out reviews first to avoid a bad-dining experience.  This food aficionado’s motivation is that she believes others may also be looking for honest reviews just like she is, which motivates her to keep on running her blog. 

This is one of Laura’s favorite pictures.  It is homemade stuffed brownies and because of the great lighting and the subject matter it is a mouthwatering crave-worthy picture!

food aficionados

We asked Laura about her ‘favorites’…

The food aficionado won’t forget the best culinary experience that she has had which occured on the 31st of July, at Hell’s Kitchen Burger, Gordon Ramsay’s Burger joint in Las Vegas. She reminisced about “So much avocado sauce!”. Her worst culinary experience was food poisoning after eating fried chicken as a child at a quick stop on a road trip in California. One thing is sure, she is not eating there again! 

Laura’s favorite cuisine is Italian, and, her least favorite cuisine is Indian. She finds it difficult to chose what her favorite dessert is as she craves just about everything sweet. She says: ” I’d probably have to go with cheesecake or pecan pie”. If Laura were stuck on an island and could only choose three ingredients to use in her food she would definitely choose”Pineapple and avocado” but “does pizza count as an ingredient?”. Surely, she is a pizza lover! 

As you can guess Italy is Laura’s dream food destination, because she loves PIZZA! In addition, choosing her favorite restaurant is the hardest thing in the world she mentioned: “Instead, I’d dream up a place that includes all my favorite dishes from every place I’ve tried”.  Always dream big Laura! 

Most of the time Laura eats at home because she believes that nothing beats a Lebanese mother’s homemade cooking! 

Laura on Chefs and Foodies…

What would you like to see in a chef? – “One who has an acquired taste for many different cuisines and who knows a little seasoning can make all the difference in the world”.

How would you define a true foodie? – “Someone who can take a bite of something while blindfolded and be able to list 95% of the ingredients used”.


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