You’re Talking About Food All The Time And You Didn’t Know It

We love food; we love it so much we try and talk about it all the time, and to not annoy people we have evolved food idioms to get food into everyday conversations without directly talking about it.  Read below for some of our favourites.

Apple of my eye


Referring to someone you cherish the most.

Bun in the oven


To be pregnant.

Bad egg


A bad, unpleasant or spoiled person.

Big cheese


Someone of high importance.

Bring home the bacon

Earn a living.

Butter someone up


Flatter someone.

Have your cake and eat it too


You can’t have it all.

Cool as a cucumber


Very calm.

Cream of the crop

The best of the best at something.

Don’t cry over spilled milk


Don’t be upset about something that can’t be changed.

Eggs in one basket

eggs in a basket

Having all of your resources in one place; putting your money, hopes or future into one thing.

Full of beans


Lots of energy.

In a nutshell


A brief summary.

Piece of cake

piece of cake

Something that is easily achieved.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating


By: jules

The end result needs to be experienced to understand how good it is.

Take with a pinch of salt

To accept a statement, but to maintain a degree of skepticism about its truth.

The way the cookie crumbles


That’s just the way things go.

Two peas in a pod

peas in a pod

Being very similar.


Which one is your favourite?  Let us know in the comments below.  Ours is “Piece of Cake” because we love cake and eating it is as easy as a piece of cake! 


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