Food + Tech Connection: Designer Sushi

Could sushi be any more en vogue? The answer is yes! Designer laser cut sushi nori (dried seaweed) is here. It emerged post-tsunami in 2011. Now it’s certainly making waves.

The idea of laser cut sushi sparked from a strategic relationship between Umino Hiroyuki of Umino Seaweed Shop and an ad agency, I&S BBDO following waning nori sales following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. From this partnership, Design Nori was born. The Design Nori sheets have traditional Japanese motif cut into them.

designer sushi

Tortoise Shell Patterned Design Nori | as pictured on the Design Nori Facebook page

In an era where food and tech cross paths more and more frequently, we see technology crop up in generally traditional industries. Sushi is one of those industries. While Design Nori has been on the market (at least in Japan) for a few years, technology is now becoming available to the masses on a more accessible level. A recent online article in Food & Wine titled, “Laser Cut Sushi Is the Most Unique Looking Way to Eat Raw Fish” takes a look into a specific 3D laser printer, Glowforge, and how this technology is being applied to the sushi industry.

….Unlike those (traditional 3D printing hardware) printers though, the Glowforge doesn’t build layers of material, it cuts them away. It’s a laser cutter and etcher that allows users to put custom designs on any three dimensional piece of material they own.

Oh the places we’ll go with 3D printers and food! For access to the full article on laser cut sushi click here.

Interested in hosting a sushi party of your own? Maybe solicit a friend in Japan to hunt down some of this designer seaweed and send it to you to leave all of your guests in awe? We have private chefs for you! If you live in the Washington, DC area, be sure to look into private Chefs Takeshi and Giovanni. They will wow your senses with their sushi skills. Still rather new to the sushi craze? We have some tips for navigating those waters too!