Food Trivia

Hey readers. Want to have a little fun? We knew you would! When it comes to food there are so many questions that we thought we knew how to answer. However, everyday we learn unexpected things. We were raised to believe some food facts that are actual misconceptions. We’re going to make you question everything you thought you knew about food!

Dare to find out the real truth? Great, then read on!

This food trivia is meant to make you scratch your head and tangle your mind. We hope you are up to the challenge!

Question 1: Which fruit will bounce like a rubber ball?
a- Ripe strawberries
b- Raspberries
c- Banana
d- Ripe cranberries

Question 2: How many rows does an average ear of corn have?
a- 10
b- 12
c- 14
d- 16

Question 3: One of the most popular food toppings in Brazil is?
a- Pepperoni
b- Green peas
c- Mushrooms
d- Chicken

Question 4: Which one of these is not a berry?
a- Banana
b- Pomegranate
c- Blueberries
d- Strawberries

Question 5: Tomato is considered a ______?
a- Fruit
b- Vegetable

Question 6: Huevos rancheros is a breakfast dish of which country?
a- Spain
b- Portugal
c- Mexico
d- Brazil

Question 7: What do you wrap in bacon to make devils on horseback?
a- Jalapeños
b- Dates
c- Cocktail sausage
d- Ketchup

Question 8: Which is higher in potassium?
a- Avocado
b- Banana

Question 9: What does the Italian “Al Dente” literally translate into?
a- To taste
b- Slightly firm
c- To the tooth

Question 10: What is couscous made from?
a- Rice
b- Maize
c- Semolina

Question 11: Which is higher in protein?
a- Chicken
b- Beef

Question 12: Milt is?
a- Bird egg
b- Duck egg
c- Fish sperm
d- Dolphin sperm

Question 13: Who became known as “the naked chef”?
a- Wolfgang Puck
b- Jamie Oliver
c- Paula Deen
d- Mario Batali

Question 14: Which British chef hosts and acts as a judge on the US version of “MasterChef”?
a- Gordon Ramsey
b- Todd English
c- Bobby Flay
d- Curtis Stone

Question 15: What did Aubrey Hepburn have for breakfast in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?
a- Pancakes
b- Waffles
c- Danish
d- Toast

Question 16: Gwen Stefani taught us how to spell which word?
a- Pomegranate
b- Banana
c- Avocado
d- Delicious

Question 17: Harold and Kumar went to White Castle to eat?
a- Hot Dogs
b- Burgers
c- Pizza
d- Sushi

Question 18: Serendipity’s most expensive ice cream sundae costs?
a- $1000
b- $1500
c- $2000
d- $2500

Question 19: The famous burger place next to Times Square that has people lined up for over 4 blocks down is called?
a- J.G. Melon
b- Shake Shack
c- Peter Luger
d- Max Bremmer

Question 20: ChefXchange was first launched in?
a- Beirut
b- London
c- Dubai
d- Washington

Question 21: The best Chefs who offer an exceptional culinary experience are from?
a- Chef’s Galore
b- Kitchen Chef’s
c- ChefXChange
d- Home to Chef’s

So how many of these questions did you manage to answer correctly? How many of these did Google manage to answer? Testing your mental horsepower as opposed to Google, we are interested to know how you did! So let us know!

If you managed to answer all these questions, send us your answers to You’re in for a little surprise!

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