Food Trucks in Dubai

The scene for food trucks in Dubai has been increasing since last year and we register now 12 food trucks around town. Why is this becoming a new trend in the UAE and what does it take to open a food truck?

Having a cool design the truck gives us the feel of the food that we will eat, just like seeing the decoration or interior design of a restaurant. In Dubai, food trucks offer the choice between healthy meals, shawarmas on the go, tacos and chillies, American sandwiches and ice-creams around the beach side.

It is not easy to open a food truck business. Finding a location first is a challenge in order to fit the right customers. The Dubai Department of Economic, Dubai Municipality, RTA and DEWA have to approve the business plan. Here is a great recap of the process to get the concept approved shared by Arabian Gazette


The cost to open such a business starts from AED 480,000 and can go beyond, depending on the type of truck, its design, equipments.

Food trucks are very convenient near the beach, at festivals and events, where many people are looking for food. Here is a list of 7 food trucks that you can enjoy in the city, just to name a few: MELT, GHAFKITCHEN, SALT, JAKE’S FOOD TRUCK, DESERT CHILL, MOTI ROTI, VIDA FOOD TRUCK.

Food trucks are an interesting concept that can take place in a casual environment such as the beach on Jumeirah, JBR, but also in a business area of the town which has many customers, who don’t have much time for lunch, in between meetings, and who could enjoy a delicious sandwich or savoury meal on the street.

It can also be a way for a restaurant to expand its market, by making their most famous dishes available dishes far from their location. In the UAE, the food truck business is not only focused on convenience but quality. Companies are trying to get a high standard, helped by the authority, in order to offer a good meal on the go, with options that are not necessarily found in restaurants.

But it has other challenges such as the summer in the UAE, where people barely stay out because of the heat and trucks might be a tough option. It is also hard to move with the food truck, restrained by various laws that define the emplacement of the business. 

If you are looking for a fast option in a working day and  you don’t have enough time to get a proper lunch, then this is a great option. However, having home-made food regulary is important. Your body needs stability, particularly in the stress of the city, where things go too fast and your healthy meals tend to disappear.

Opt for a combination of gourmet and well-prepared menus by our private chefs and a cheat day outdoor or at the beach and getting a delicious ice-cream.