Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat – the complete guide

So your friend is lactose intolerant, your cousin is allergic to gluten, your colleague can’t have nuts… Whether you’re going out for dinner or having friends over, the choice of restaurant and food always depends on intolerances, allergies, and preferences. You take care of me, I take care of you. No?

But did you ever stop and think about your other BFF’s food allergies and intolerances? Unlike what many believe, that little piece of meat or fruit you’re giving to your dog will probably hurt him more than you can imagine. We’re sure you don’t want that. So to avoid all of that pain we’ve put a list of 15 foods your dog should NEVER eat!

foods your dog should never eat -  the complete guide


All of this doesn’t mean your dog can’t enjoy a treat or two! Check out how to Cool Down your Pup with Frozen Treats or these delicious Peanut Butter Pumpkin Treats.

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And for those friends with intolerances and certain preferences, we got you covered! ChefXChange has a long list of Private Chefs that can cater to them. So next time you feel like having a bite with your friends, browse through our chefs and take your pick!