Football World Cup 2018: Food Edition By ChefXChange Squad

2018’s World Cup comes with many expectations, hopes, predictions… and waves of sarcasm (Brazil fans, stay strong!). Surely, we are all going to enjoy these heated games with loads of food! So why not indulge with the national dish of each country while having a bit of fun too?! Well, we welcome you to our World Cup 2018 Food Edition, where the national dishes of each country compete for supremacy. So, here’s how the game goes: our team votes for these national dishes the same way as the actual World Cup. That simple!

Now, will the Currywurst maintain its golden win, or will the results shock our taste buds?! Let’s see how it all plays out!

Football World Cup 2018 Food Edition

Football World Cup 2018: Food Edition By ChefXChange Squad

Choosing your favorite food is hard enough. Simply, food is the best thing ever, period. How about choosing our favorite food based on how it sounds with out trying it? Let us tell you, our imagination and tasted buds were challenged and teased at the same time! Here’s how World Cup 2018 Food Edition went…

Setting our national loyalty aside, we gathered around the table with seriousness on our faces that soon turned into laughter and jokes. The team got introduced to some national dishes that we didn’t  realize existed, and others that were cringe-worthy! That Hakarl raw shark fish meal, mind you it is toxic and rancid too, was definitely not a crowd winner. Some dishes exposed the country behind them, and soon things started taking a biased turn! However, check the shocking results of the first 48 matches! 

World Cup 2018 Food Edition

No doubt, we expected the Coq au Vin to get the golden medal! Unfortunately, the red wine infused chicken recipe ranked third among Group C  with a copper medal! We think the extra bacon, mushrooms, and pearl onions weren’t appealing enough for our squad. To each his own taste…

Now it is getting more serious! Moving on to the Round of 16, the winners were met with astonished faces from our team members! Our taste buds have a mind of their own, and now we are witnessing the consequences. It didn’t take long for the stress of the Quarter Finals to set in! 


Semi Finals and Finals

The national dishes that qualified for the semi finals surely made us drool nonetheless. But our taste buds are about to get tested once again for the Finals and the Semi Finals. We might even have to let go of the sushi in this round!

world cup 2018 semi finals

The first match of the Semi Finals was heated! With 2 strongly flavored dishes, Paella won our hearts over the Currywurst! Our squad surely loves seafood more than sausages! The 2nd match of the Semi Finals was extra meaty! Perfectly grilled Asadas competed with a slowly cooked Carbonade Flamande served with french fries and mustard. Now if that doesn’t make your mouth water and your taste buds happy, we don’t know what will! But, one dish lost to the goodness of the other, and the Asadas qualified to the Finals against the Paella! It’s the battle of the cuisines! And the Asadas proved its supremacy over a mix of seafood, tomatoes, rice, paprika, onion, and olives!

The 3rd Place

For the 3rd spot, the World Cup 2018 Food Edition ended with a match between the saucy Currywurst, and the Carbonade Flamande. This showed us how much we love sausages over beef made with beer with a side of fries and mustard! The Currywurst won the 3rd position, and the World Cup 2018 Food Edition is sealed with victory to another meaty option nonetheless!

Now, we find it only fair to reveal the countries behind each national dish. Of course, we would love for you to enjoy some gastronomic tourism as an aftermath. Also, we will let your love for food set you on a journey to discover the rest of the dishes. Not all of them qualified for the round of 16. But that doesn’t make any dish  less tasty! Except for the Hakarl… that was simply something our minds can’t fathom! Let alone our taste buds!

Without further ado, here are all the countries, and their respective national dishes!

football World Cup 2018 Food Edition


All in all, we predict Argentina as the winner, Spain in 2nd place, and Germany in 3rd. Seems like we’ll have to wait and see for the real results! How about you play this with your loved ones? We suggest you add a bit more fun to the World Cup with our World Cup 2018 Food Edition. Don’t forget to share the results with us!

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