French Fare in Washington DC

Have you had a hankering for authentic French fare in Washington DC? Look no further!

I had the pleasure of attending a dinner party in Aldie, VA which showcased private Chef Giovanni’s French culinary expertise. The host was aware of Chef Giovanni’s culinary background and knew that no matter what, he wanted to capitalize on Giovanni’s French training. When conversing about the menu, one guest enthusiastically requested “île flottante!” to the host. Île Flottante means “floating island” in French. The dessert consists of lightly poached meringue floating on crème anglaise.

Below: Chef Giovanni lightly poaching the meringue

Île flottante was the featured dessert. As Chef Giovanni mingled with the dinner guests following their dining experience, it emerged that he actually built the entire menu around the dessert request. His final menu featured classic French fare, the main attraction being Coq Au Vin.

French Fare in Washington DC

Private Chef Giovanni’s Coq Au Vin

The dinner guests were thoroughly satisfied. I myself felt like the food coma that followed crept into the next day as well.

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