Fresh Lebanese Pistachios

Fan of pistachios? Have you ever tried real fresh pistachios from Lebanon? Hmm… What a treat! Discover more on those tasty nuts and you will never go back to your traditional salty ones.

Most commonly found in Lebanon and surrounding areas, this delicacy is a must try!

In terms of flavours, those fresh pistachios are by far amongst the most delicious nuts. Kept in their original shell and wrapped in their natural skin, all of their taste is preserved. 

Don’t they look appealing? 

Fresh Lebanese Pistachios

Added to a fruit compote or fruit salad, they just enhances the freshness of it. Also suitable for a nice and refreshing aperitif with friends or an afternoon snack.

Learn more from our talented Lebanese Chefs. Ask them to help you discover new recipes.

Keep up with your healthy lifestyle and forget the dried roasted salty pistachios.


CAUTION: highly addictive produce.