5 Best Friday Night Dinner Ideas: Romantic Dinner Menus For Two!

Spice up your Friday night with these friday night dinner ideas for two.  We’ve all been there, you come in from work after a long week on a Friday and the last thing you want to do is slave in the kitchen to create dinner for you and your loved one.  Well you can change that!  Get some inspiration with these Friday night dinner ideas.  From a Michelin star cooking experience that you can create, to quick 30-minute recipes!

5 Best Friday Night Dinner Ideas: Romantic Dinner Menus For Two!

There’s no better way to get you into that Friday feeling than a romantic 3-course meal.  If you think there might be too much food left over then simply reduce the size of the main course.  If you usually eat just one course for dinner a good rule is to reduce the main course by 2/3 – 1/2.  Let’s get reading these menus!

5 Romantic Friday Night Dinner Ideas: 

Menu 1 – Quick Dining

Quick dinner ideas

Starter – Superfood Salad

Main – Spaghetti la Mer

Dessert – Greek Yoghurt with Raspberry Purée

You’ve guessed it right, the whole menu can be made in 30 minutes.  So you get in from work at 7pm, your 3-course dinner is on the table by 7:30.  That leaves more time for wine and less time over the cooker!  Now there’s no excuse for not making your Friday evening special.  Begin with boiling the spaghetti, whilst that’s on make the dessert and set it in the fridge.  Next make your salad, just by tossing all ingredients in a bowl and drizzling over oil.  Put wine and seafood into a frying pan and flash fry, turn the heat down and add the spaghetti, fry gently and serve.  What a way to begin your Friday, plus there’s barely any washing up to do!

Menu 2 – Luxurious Flavours

Friday night dinner ideas

Starter – Grilled Shrimp & Melon Salad

Main – Beef Tenderloin Steak

Dessert – Moist Sticky Date Pudding

This menu is full of luxurious flavours, to give you that Michelin star dinner, that you’ve created yourself.  Beginning with a light flavourful starter, the melon really lightens up the taste of the salad and complements the shrimp perfectly.  The main course is tender and complex in flavour and the dessert is the perfect way to end a luxurious dinner.  This will take more time and preparation than the first menu, but if you really want a special dinner it’s worth it.  If you’re thinking you’d rather have this made for you then order it from Chef Samih here.

Menu 3 – Prepare in Advance

Friday night dinner ideas

Starter – Butternut Squash Soup

Main – Chorizo and Prawn Stew

Dessert – Raspberry Cheesecake

This menu can be prepared up to 2 days in advance, that means there’s minimal effort from you on Friday night.  All you need to do is heat up the soup and stew and relax!  

Menu 4 – Michelin Star Cooking

Friday night dinner ideas

Starter – Venison, Champignons and Capers

Main – Duck, Coffee Eggnog and Burnt Spring Onion

Dessert – Pear Tartine with Gorgonzola

This is another menu that will transport you to a Michelin Star experience, but why?  Because this dinner menu was curated by a Michelin Star Chef.  You might think that there’s no way you would be able to make it then?  But you can!  And if you need help with the main course you can follow the exact duck recipe here.  You can prepare the starter and dessert a day in advance, meaning all you need to do on the day is cook the duck.  It might sound like an extravagant menu, but when you can create food that looks like the images above it is worth it.  Imagine how impressed the person you are cooking for will be.  And it will get your weekend off to a good start.  If you’d prefer to have this menu made for you then order it from Chef Andrea here.

Menu 5 – Intense Flavours

Luxury Friday night dinner ideas

Starter – Seared scallops with Tangerine and Fennel Purée

Main- Beef Yakiniku

Dessert – Catalan Chocolate Cake

To wrap up our Friday night dinner ideas we will end with an intense flavours menu.  There’s nothing better to get your taste buds tingling, than this full and flavourful menu.  Each course has its origins in different parts of the world.  The starter is a British inspiration, the main is a Japanese inspiration and the dessert is a Spanish inspiration.  So give yourself that Friday feeling by splurging out on this romantic menu.  If you’re unsure on where to buy the best beef, read about the best butchers in London here.

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