10 Best Summer Garden Party Catering Menu Ideas

Updated on 20 June, 2018

There is nothing more relaxing and pleasant in the summer than spending time outdoors. That means that it is also so much better to organize a party outside especially if you can do it in your garden or any outdoorsy place like, a rooftop.  Throwing a picnic in a park can also be delightful. The key to a good garden party is to hire a great catering service. Having your party catered makes it easy and convenient and you can have your party wherever you want to, stress-free. We have prepared the 10 best garden party catering menu ideas to make your party even more amazing.

10 Best Summer Garden Party Catering Menu Ideas

A cherry on top of an outdoors party is creating a theme. You can achieve that very easily with decorations or seating arrangement. As well as food. There are many different dishes that will fit any idea that you may have for your party. 

Here’s another idea for you: you can have your guests over at sunset… where everyone can enjoy a beautiful view with some refreshing drinks! 

10 Best Summer Garden Party Catering Menu Ideas

One can never go wrong with summer garden parties… You can have bbq cateirng perfectly complemented by some fresh drinks that will help you and your guests cool down. Trust us, organizing a garden party is not as hard as it seems! 

To make the process even easier, here are a few guidelines for you to follow while prepping for your summertime gathering.

Fresh and Fruity


For an extremely scorching day, the best idea for food to serve is anything that is heavily veggie and fruit based that you can eat while cold. You could go bananas and sit your guests down next to a table full of only fruits. Nevertheless, for a more filling experience try this fresh and delicious garden party catering menu.




Starters: Crudites with dips

Main: Gazpacho

Desserts: Fruit popsicles

Bohemian Backyard Party


With this party, the key to success is a seating arrangement and decorations. Create a very low table – you can easily make one from pallets and make seats from pillows. Try to decorate the place with a lot of candles and lanterns to create a cozy atmosphere. For this kind of party, you will be better off serving every dish separately rather than as a buffet.




Starter: Beetroot and feta bruschetta

Main: Baked gnocchi with tomatoes and mozzarella

Dessert: Chocolate fondant with fruits 

Garden Tea Party


A lovely idea for an afternoon get-together. A tea party will be a great idea if you’re organizing a family event or a reunion with old friends. It’s the perfect balance between a relaxed yet elegant idea for a party. You can even book catering services to take care of the food for your garden tea party! 

Canapes Party

Here’s something else that you can do in order to keep your guests’ tummies full at all times while still engaging them in conversation: a canapes party in your garden. One thing’s for sure, canape parties are ideal for breaking the ice and keeping the gathering lively because people are always on the move! Below is a suggestion of some canapes that we thought would suit your garden party. If you would like to have a look at some more options check out our 10 best canapes ideas

If you would rather have the food ready, and be a guest at your own party, then ChefXChange has got your back! Have a look at some of the best catering services offered by our Chefs



chocolate cakeMelon and prosciutto with blue cheese

Feta and sun-dried tomatoes with cucumber rolls

Chocolate mousse with strawberries

Sunny French Riviera

french riviera

Take your guests on a trip to sunny South of France with some delicious Mediterranean dishes in a buffet style. Decorate the tables with fresh lavender and white table cloths. Top that with a great wine selection because no french food taste nearly half as good on its own as it does when paired with a delicious wine! 



nougatStarters: Zucchini baked with goat cheese 

Main: Bouillabaisse

Dessert: Nougat with almonds

BBQ Party Catering 


No summer will be complete without a barbecue party. Just because you want to serve grilled dishes doesn’t mean you can’t make the party more official and elegant.  Also, the variety of absolutely delicious things that you can serve from the barbecue is surprising. So for your next BBQ party say goodbye to sausages and say hello to our smoky and fragrant menu. Here are some additional posts for you to be inspired for your next bbq: Best summer BBQ ideas & you can pair those with some delicious barbecue sauces




Starter: Grilled eggplant with saffron yogurt and pomegranates

Main: BBQ taut with lemon and parsley 

Dessert: Homemade vanilla ice cream with grilled, honey glazed peaches

Vintage Garden Party


Our next garden party catering menu is one with a strong theme. If you like to dress up for a party, why not throw a vintage party with some delicious food on the table. Go for any of your favorite decades and decorate your garden accordingly. Do not forget about some great tunes to juice-up the mood & make your guests feel like they’ve traveled back in time! 



sponge cake

Starter: Pear and gorgonzola galettes

Main: Baked lamb leg with rosemary and red wine sauce served with fresh spring greens

Dessert: Victoria sponge cake

Fairy-tale Evening Party


A recipe for a fairy-tale evening is quite easy: make sure you pack your garden with a ton of lights. It will make the garden warm and cozy, even for a cold evening. If you want to be extra adorable serve something with sprinkles or dessert… works like magic! There’s nothing better than a magical evening to lift up your guests’ moods and leave them with an evening to remember! 




Starter: Cheese and meat board 

Main: Garlic lemon butter lobster tails served with asparagus 

Dessert: Elderflower cake

Picnic Party


If you are planning your party in a park, a seaside or anywhere in a natural setting outside of your own patio or garden, a picnic is the perfect idea! You can get your garden party catering menu packed up, grab some champagne and few of the red-checked blankets and you will have the most amazing day with little hassle!

A typical finger food selection

For a lighter, flavorful yet effortless option, we would highly recommend our next selection of finger-licking finger food! Have your guests enjoy these delightful bites in a natural setting of your choice. Keep in mind that sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to impress your guests!



doughnutsProsciutto wrapped asparagus

Olives, feta, and goat cheese antipasti

Mini doughnuts

Pool Party

pool party

What better way to keep your guests entertained & refreshed at all times than throwing a pool party! It is undoubtedly the ideal way for you to create some unforgettable memories with you friends and loved ones.
Warning, don’t eat and drink too much before swimming, otherwise things might get ugly! 



champagneStarter: Blinis with caviar 

Main: Assortment of sushi  

Dessert: Champagne with strawberries

Movie Garden Party 

Our last summer party idea is to make a movie night in your garden with a projector. For such a special evening you will obviously need a very special garden party catering menu. A nice idea to tie the evening’s theme together with the food is to base some of the food on your favorite movie snacks. Pick a movie that you think would please your crowd, pair that with some yummy food & drinks… And you’re good to go!
Of course, there’s no such thing as a movie night without some popcorn…


pulled pork


Starter: Eggplant rolls baked with feta and caramelised onions

Main: Pulled pork baked in sweet potato wedges served with homemade coleslaw 

Desserts: Smores mix and salted caramel popcorn 

If you are looking for more party inspiration have a look at our 5 Summer Dinner Party Menu Ideas: 5 Cool Menus To Impress Your Dinner Guests.

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