GBBO Scandal: Mel & Sue steal Paul Hollywood’s car

Another scandal has hit GBBO as presenters Mel & Sue were nearly arrested after stealing Paul Hollywood’s £135,000 Aston Martin and driving it into a ditch.

Sue stole the keys from Paul Hollywood and convinced Mel to join her in the joy ride, unfortunately, Sue had never driven an Aston Martin before and they ended up crashing into a ditch.  Sue said:

I’d never driven an Aston Martin before. We couldn’t turn it on, but eventually it went… and we drove it into a ditch and had to phone a garage.

This isn’t the first time the Aston Martin has been vandalised.  Last year Mary Berry wrote her name in permanent marker on the car with a kiss at the end.  She said she did it because they had been signing books all day and wanted to sign his car.  Paul Hollywood was so annoyed he wanted Mary arrested:

The police officer was there and she said: ‘Would you like Mary arrested?’ And I said: ‘Yes I do – for criminal damage,'” Paul joked.

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