10 Best Cocktails For Girls Night Cocktail Party!

A girls night cocktail party is a great occasion to catch up with your girlfriends and have a great evening. Very often we go for drinks out or simply have wine when we stay in. You can combine both! If you know you are not a master of drink making hire a professional bartender. Nevertheless, it can be great fun for you and your friends to try making drinks yourselves. Here are our favourite 10 best cocktails for your girls night cocktail party.

10 Best Cocktails For Girls Night Cocktail Party!

It’s easy to make all of these cocktails virgin too, for those non-drinkers or those that aren’t wanting to have too much of a heavy head the next day.  The best cocktails that will taste just as good in a non-alcoholic version are Pina Colada, Mojito or Shirley Temple. All these cocktails are a great choice because you can have them in the comfort of your own home.  It’s also nice to grab some nibbles with the drinks and have a better atmosphere to talk.  

10 Best Cocktails For Girls Night Cocktail Party!

1. Pina Colada Cocktail

pina colada

This is a classic! For me, a pina colada tastes like summer in a cup. It is an amazing combination of pineapples and coconut milk. This drink is one of the easiest to make as well. You simply need to put all the ingredients into a blender and it’s done. Simple and delicious. As a snack try a fresh tropical fruit salad.

2. Mojito Cocktail


An all time favorite and one of the most well-known drinks out there. Fresh mint, rum, and brown sugar. You can try different fruit variations. Add strawberries or passionfruit. It will refresh the look of this drink. If you are looking for a nice snack that will go well with mojitos try fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. They are really nice as a snack and you can eat them with your hands.

3. Cosmopolitan Cocktail


Let’s play with pink! The cosmo is one of those drinks that is so fabulous thanks to Carrie and the girls in ‘Sex and the city’. Give it a try to bring in the fab gossipy atmosphere.

4. Kir Royal Cocktail


This girls night cocktail idea is a treat for those that like bubbles. It’s a delicious drink that can work well on its own or as an aperitif to a dinner. If you will be sitting down for a meal this will be a lovely classy welcome drink. 

5. Strawberry Margarita Cocktail


Bring on the margaritas! You can try a classic one or try it frozen if it’s a very hot summer evening. Have some corn chips and homemade guacamole with this drink.

6. Bloody Mary Cocktail

bloody mary

The Bloody Mary doesn’t suit everyone’s tastes but it surely is one special drink.  Surely good for battling hangovers. Try some baked mushrooms, stuffed with goat cheese with this one.

7. Sangria


Sangria is not only easy to make in bigger quantities – which means you can make it in advance. It’s a delicious fruity drink that will go well with some hummus and crudites.

8. Watermelon vodka


This is a fun drink to serve! Watch out for the quantities of alcohol that you put into this one because it can be tricky. Nevertheless, this drink looks great and is very refreshing. Try serving with grilled shrimps in a lime and garlic marinade.

9. Dirty Shirley 

dirty shirley

The drink that we all know in its non-alcoholic version, can also become a cocktail. It’s super easy to make: mix lemonade, grenadine and vodka and you’re good to go! For nostalgia have it with crisps and party pretzels.

10. Salted caramel Macchiato martini


This final girls night cocktail idea is a treat for coffee lovers. A little bit of sweet and sour mixed with alcohol. This is more sophisticated and harder to prepare, but if you enjoy a challenge, this should be your choice! Try it as a dessert and drink with some classic chocolate brownies.

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