Private Cooking Classes Vs Group Cooking Classes: Which Is Better?

We all know by now that cooking classes are a fun activity, so since we have established that, now the question to be answered is: whether to choose private cooking classes or group ones? There are many advantages of both so it comes down to the reasons why you want to go and try cooking classes in the first place.

Private Cooking Classes Vs Group Cooking Classes: Which Is Better?

Private Cooking Classes Vs Group Cooking Classes: Which Is Better?

Why choose private cooking classes?

You can learn specific dishes


Private cooking classes give you the absolute freedom of choice in what you want to do. If you want to learn how to make a specific dish, this option will be a great choice for you. You can ask your Private Chef to teach you Italian cuisine but you can be as specific with your choices as saying ‘I want to learn how to make panna cotta’. Also in private cooking classes, you get the full attention of the chef. He will not only show you how to prepare the dishes but really be there to teach you how to make a great meal. You can ask as many questions and get the most out of the experience. 

You can learn different cuisines 


A great advantage is the choice of cuisine, perhaps you have already had Italian cooking classes, but what about Thai, French, Japanese etc? Choose different cuisines and you can trust that your Private Chef will offer you a variety of dishes that you will learn how to make and of course, eat!

You can choose a venue and time


Private cooking classes are very convenient since you can adjust them to the venue of your choice as well as timing that will suit you. Cooking classes at home will be a great idea to teach the whole family how to cook. Also in the comfort of your own house, you will feel much more at ease using your own equipment and perhaps learning new techniques using your usual kitchen tools. You can also ask the chef to make cooking classes in any other venue of your choice.

Arrange a specific class for an occasion

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Cooking classes can be a great way to celebrate birthdays or Mother’s Day and much more. You can choose to prepare a romantic dinner but also do couples cooking classes or cooking classes as a team building activity for your work colleagues. The sky is the limit!

Why choose group cooking classes?

It’s a fun way to meet people


Group cooking classes are a great way to meet like-minded people. When I took Thai cooking classes in Bangkok, one of the most fun parts of the classes, apart from the food, was chatting with other travellers. You can meet interesting people that love food just as much as you do. So if you’re after some foodie friends, group cooking classes are for you.

You don’t need your own kitchen

kitchen tools

If your apartment is super tiny then going for group classes will be more comfortable for you as you do not need any equipment of your own. 

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You may be able to book a cooking class with a celebrity chef


For those of you who would love to meet their cooking icons, this is one of the ways. Some of the celebrity chefs organise special edition cooking classes. You may pay more for this than at traditional classes, but there is no price tag on dreams coming true. 

Whatever you will choose for your next culinary experience it will be a great adventure. Maybe you will even get inspired to take a whole cooking course! Delicious food can be addictive.

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