Happy National French Fry Day!

French Fries? Say no more! French fries are probably the most loved food in the world. I am not basing my claim on statistics, it’s just a general observation from traveling too much. French fries are easy to make, the perfect snack, easy to carry and also to eat. I mean who wouldn’t love good, crunchy from the outside, soft in the middle, strips of potatoes?  They are heaven on earth! That’s why today, July 13th, is dedicated to celebrate French Fries. Happy National French Fry Day everyone! Make sure to indulge and eat as much as you can.  But before you do, let’s learn more about how these golden strips of goodness came into our lives.  

Where did French fries come from?

No, they are NOT French, nor are they Belgian! Well, surprisingly enough, they originally come from South America, Colombia to be specific. Colombia? I am sure you are wondering how it made its way all the way to Europe?  Well, it was the Spanish! Thank you so much, Spain. During the mid-15th century the Spanish forces encountered a village in Colombia where the natives had already fled. As in any war, the forces started searching the houses and have found potatoes in their food; which the Spanish initially called “truffles”. Twenty years later, potatoes were finally brought back to Spain and the Italian got introduced to them as well!


French Fries


How did people started thinking that French fries are Belgian?

Belgians started frying strips of potatoes in the 18th century. How did they come up with the idea? Well, it was very common for them to fry small fish, one of their food staples. However, during winter they needed to come up with an alternative, especially when the rivers were frozen. During that time, Spain controlled most of Belgium and consequently introduced potatoes to Belgium. And viola! That’s how they started frying fries.

Bonus Fact: Even though Belgians didn’t invent the French fry, they consume the most French fries per capita compared to the rest of Europe.




Why were they named French then?

Well, the popularity of French Fries started because of a French Army officer,  who wasn’t living in France at that time- who pushed for them to be popular France. Potatoes were banned from France because they were thought to spread diseases and the cultivation of potatoes were believed to cause leprosy. When he came back to France, the officer pushed and provided evidence that potatoes are good for one’s health and doesn’t cause any diseases. It took the famine to happen at the end of 17th century for potatoes to really become popular. As the French population is much bigger and had more influence during that time, people started calling them French Fries. Additionally, the French were the ones responsible for spreading those delicious fries to England and America.


French Fries


How are French fries normally eaten?

In the US, Ketchup is the top condiment of choice for people who eat French fries. In some parts of Europe, mayonnaise is the way to go. Sometimes people mix both! However, the British tend to eat their fries with a vinegar dip. Other’s enjoy their fries plain. I personally prefer them with a pinch of salt and that’s it!  

French Fries


So what’s for dinner tonight? Of course French fries! We gotta celebrate this day and indulge in the deliciousness of those golden crunchy potato strips. Don’t want to bother, we’ve got you covered! Chef Karim (Beirut) and Chef Maxime (Dubai) make amazing Fries, Make sure to book them here!