Have a sweet tooth for sugar?

Everyone loves sugar, I mean who doesn’t love sweets and sugary food? Sugary foods make up a huge part of our daily diet, mainly because they taste good, and because most of our food contain sugar in them. Despite the good taste, science has proved that sugar is harmful for your health, especially white sugar.

Sugar has been linked to harmful diseases such as: obesity, heart disease, cancer and impaired brain function. Thus, it’s been widely known as “the poison”. On top of that, it’s been known as the main reason for tooth decay, and weight gain. Many athletes who want to get results and start showing muscles, cut everything that has sugar and within few weeks, they see amazing results! Despite all this science talk, almost everyone have a sweet tooth and loves sugar, so what’s the solution? How can we savor the sweet taste, but stay away from this “poison”?  Well, luckily, we have several all-natural sugar substitutes that are healthy and taste as good–if not better–than sugar!

Raw Honey:


Raw honey is one of my favorite things in the world. It is full of amazing health benefits; it is a natural antibacterial, boosts the immune system, and high in antioxidants.

I sometimes eat it by the spoonful! I like it with my morning coffee and oatmeal, I also add it to my smoothies, and sometimes in baking as well. Raw honey is very good with tea, especially fruity flavored teas. Of course it should be used in moderation, after all it is high in sugar.

Pro tip: try glazing chicken with honey with a chili sauce, the results will be remarkable!



Photo credit: alberth2 via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

This calorie-free popular natural sweetener, is the most popular all-natural sugar substitute. Stevia comes from a sweet leave, and it’s been used for decades, especially in Asia. Since Stevia doesn’t have a significant source of nutrition and doesn’t affect blood sugar level at all, it has been used for diabetic patients.

Stevia is mainly used in hot drinks and baking to maintain a low level of calories while still enjoying the sweet taste.


Date and Date Sugar:




We are familiar with dates; it is a sweet sweet fruit. It is best added to smoothies for the sweet taste and natural energy. But what is date sugar? Date sugar is basically dried dates turned into a powder. Similarly to dates, it is super sweet!  Date sugar does not melt, thus it should not be used in coffee or drinks. However, it is great for baking!  Since date sugar is super sweet, in a baking recipe use ⅔ of the brown/white sugar amount recommended in the recipe.


Maple Syrup:

Maple Syrup
Photo credit: Brett L. via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Maple syrup is the harvested sap of maple trees which is then boiled down and filtered in sugar houses. Make sure to get the pure organic maple syrup, not the sugar added one or non-organic. Maple Syrup has a low fructose level, and contains a healthy dose of antioxidants. It’s best used to complement a pancake breakfast, waffles and/or french toast.

Pro tip: cook breakfast sausage with maple syrup in a crock pot, the mix of sweet and meaty taste will take your taste buds on a beautiful trip!


Coconut sugar:

coconutCoconut sugar is the extracted sap of the coconut palm, boiled and dehydrated. Coconut sugar tastes a lot like brown sugar, as opposed to white sugar. Coconut sugar is best used for baking since it does not affect the consistency of the final product. It contains calories, and it is not too sweet, which does not make it great for tea and coffee.


There are many more all-natural healthy sugar substitutes, we only listed few of our favorites! What’s your favorite? Report to us in the comment section and we would love to do a food investigation on it!  In the meantime, our chefs are more than happy to cater to your sweet buds; either as appetizers, main courses or desserts. Book your private chef now!