Healthy Avocado Honey Paleo Breakfast Recipe

Are you on a strict Paleo diet and sick of eating nothing but eggs and fruit every morning? Continue reading this post to start enjoying a breakfast meal that is Paleo, healthy, delicious and not to mention extremely simple to make!

Benefits of Avocados

Most people think of avocados as fatty and thus fattening, but that’s not the case! Actually, one study looked at the lifestyle of people who eat avocados and found the majority to weigh less than people who did not eat avocados. The avocado fruit contains a great deal of monounsaturated fatty acids and is even considered a ‘superfood’ by some. Avocados are also filled with potassium (surprisingly more so than bananas) and fiber and can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. An avocado contains an average of 160 calories which is equivalent to the calories contained by several unhealthy snacks. Also, an avocado qualifies as a Paleo-friendly ingredient.



Benefits of Honey

Honey has long been known for its health benefits. It has been known to alleviate allergies, to be a great source of energy, to boost memory as well as to treat several things such as dandruff and wounds. Honey is also known to build your immune system.

Honey Pot

Honey Pot


Alright, enough healthy talk, let’s walk you through the simple recipe.

– Peal a ripe Avocado and cut it into pieces, the smaller the better.

– Add a table spoon of organic honey and blend the mixture with a hand held blender, or throw it in a normal blender if you don’t own a hand-held one.

– After blending the avocado / honey mixture, pour the mixture into a bowl and add a handful of raw almonds and pistachios on top or any kind of fruit or nuts you like for that matter.


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