How to Eat Healthily in The UAE

Living in the UAE offers a lot of new adventures, but there are also new challenges that each of us have to overcome.  As an expat adapting to the lifestyle is not easy, with a new rhythm, weather, work, language adaptation and the cuisine.  Simply finding a way to balance your life is hard, so we have tried to make it easier, by giving you local tips on how you can ensure you are eating healthily in the UAE.

Tip 1: Be Organized

Taking the time to write down your plans down is an important step to help you organise yourself and distress. Use some of these 10 mobile apps that will help you organize yourself.  It’s useful to have them on your mobile so that they stay with you and that way you don’t forget anything.

The food industry in the UAE gives us a selection of pretty much everything, from fast food to high-end restaurants. What is the best solution, on a daily basis, to keep you energized? After a long day of work, and with more social activities in the evening, many of us will choose to get a tasty shawarma, mandi or burger delivered every single day. By preparing a menu in advance for the different days of the week, you can get more creative and select healthier options of meals.

Simple fact: a plate of mandi countains more than 1,000 calories in average whereas a Hawaiian grilled chicken with pineapple goes under 400 calories.

agenda, planning your meals

Tip 2: Visit the local markets

There are fresh markets and souks, that are not only a nice place to buy local and regional produce.  Visiting the markets are an adventure to discover the UAE and a way to enjoy and adopt healthy eating. All your senses will be pleased with the look, smell and taste of some local produce! Hit the road alone or in a group and drive throughout the city to find your next veggies and fruits. 

food market, strawberries


Tip 3: Throw a Healthy Style Dinner Party

A way to feel at home in such a cosmopolitan country, as well as keeping your cuisines healthy, is to throw a dinner party with your friends. Organize a dinner party around a natural theme, decorating your table with plants and herbs.  We have many Chefs that provide healthy menus such as  Chefs Nabz & G come and cook a healthy menu and impress your guests! 

fettoush, healthy dinner at home

Try Chef Nabz & G’s fettoush salad.


Eating delicious healthy foods are great to make you feel better and energized. Comment below with your favourite healthy tips to advise newbies in the UAE!  

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