Healthy Food Delivery Dubai: Indian, Italian, and Lebanese Meals

Are you sick and tired of eating unhealthy and fatty food from restaurants EVERYDAY? Are you so busy with your job and responsibilities that you can’t find time to cook your meals in advance? Or, do you just lack the skills and the motivation to make your own homey meals? Well, you’re in luck, because ChefXChange is introducing a new service: healthy food delivery in Dubai.

Healthy Food Delivery Dubai: Indian, Italian, and Lebanese Meals

Healthy Food Delivery in Dubai: Indian, Italian, and Lebanese Meals

This meal service is called Mama’s Kitchen and it’s a weekly subscription. The service works like this: First, we update the menu every Sunday: it contains vegetarian meals as well as meals with fish, chicken and meat. After choosing a minimum of 3 from our selection of delicious and healthy meals, you have the option to add a dietary note to the cooks. Good news, the orders close on Thursdays at 5 PM, so you can modify your meals in case you change your mind; or you can even cancel. 

We can assure you that our portions are very generous, not to mention the side salad and the surprise dessert that you get with every meal. As for the payment, you have the option to make it online or simply pay cash on delivery. 

What happens next is that we deliver thee home cooked and yummy dishes to your doorstep on Sundays. Most of the meals can be frozen, and all meals can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. So, you can enjoy them at your convenience; all you need is your microwave!  

As for the meals, have a look at some of our Italian, Indian and Lebanese dishes in order to get an idea of what to expect. Don’t worry, we will be launching the meal delivery service soon enough!

Meal Plan Delivery Dubai – Italian meals

If you’re a fan of Italian food, you’ve come to the right place because our Mamas do it best! Just have a look at one of the many mouthwatering Italian dishes: the Alioli Pasta with prawns. If you find the time to cook yourself, you can also check out the Italian baked meatballs recipe.

Alioli Pasta with prawns

Meal Plan Delivery Dubai – Indian meals

Another type of cuisine that our Mamas master is flavorful Indian cuisine. We bet this appetizing Aloo Gobi has your stomach growling! If you would like to cook your Indian meals yourself, have a look at the Spiced Meatballs in Curry Sauce Recipe. 

Aloo gobi

Meal Plan Delivery Dubai – Lebanese Meals

Almost everyone agrees that one of the most popular Mediterranean cuisines is Lebanese! We can assure you that our Mamas are the ideal destination for your Lebanese cuisine cravings, and one of our all time favorites is the Kussa mahshi bellaban.  If you find the time to cook Lebanese meals yourself, take a look at the Easy Fish Shakshuka Recipe. 

Kussa mahshi bellaban


If you like our concept, you can just leave your email here and we’ll notify you when we launch our service. For more information on the meal delivery service and the types of foods offered, have a look at Homemade food delivery in Dubai and Meal delivery Dubai. 

Furthermore, if you’re interested in the Beirut version of this service, you should definitely check out Homemade Lebanese food delivery in Beirut and Homemade food delivery in Beirut.