Healthy Lunch Box Delivery: Sample Menu, Reviews And Special Offer

Eating healthy at lunch can be a true challenge. I find it extremely hard to resist all the carbs when I get out of the office at noon, being hungry as a bear in a search of something quick to eat. Because I am not one of these strong-willed people who just say no and stick to their promise, I found a way around the temptations: healthy lunch box delivery. 

Healthy Lunch Box Delivery: Sample Menu, Reviews And Special Offer

Healthy lunch box delivery is a set of 5 or 7  meals delivered to your home or office weekly on Mondays. Professional chefs prepare the meals and they are planned to suit your nutritional needs and help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy Lunch Boxes are currently available to be delivered in London. This meal option is ideal for you if you are tired of spending hours and hours on Sunday doing a meal prep for a whole week. Save your time for other more enjoyable Sunday activities and use your weekend to the fullest. 

Healthy Meal Delivery is a subscription that will work weekly. You can pause it or cancel it anytime. Orders have to be made latest by Friday evening to get the delivery on Monday. Have a look at our website to learn more about this service.

Healthy Lunch Box Delivery: Sample Menu, Reviews, And Special Offer

Meal Service Sample menu

chicken salmon Eggplant ballscod with orangeshealthy fish and chips

  • Crispy Salmon in soy sauce with green beans 

  • Cod with Oranges on sauteed spinach

  • Aubergine balls with yogurt sauce 

  • Chicken with cashews and mango salsa served with rice

  • Healthy fish and chips

This sample menu is an amazing set of 5 lunches that will keep you, healthy and happy all week. The best part is that Healthy Lunch Boxes are easy and convenient. You choose what you want to eat and then you just order it online. Weekly you get to choose from 8 meals out of which 2 are poultry based, 2 are fish, 2 are vegetarian and 2 are meat based. If you are gluten intolerant there is a subscription available for you as well.

Meal Service Reviews

Have a look at what people are saying about their experience with ChefXChange. chefxchange reviews

Special Offer for Healthy Lunch Box 

Order with this promo code HEALTHYMEALS and get your first meal for free.

If you are looking for more inspiration on healthy lifestyle, have a look at our post on 60 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work To Lose Weight: Easy and Delicious. For more food inspiration, check out our Private Chefs