60 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work To Lose Weight: Easy And Delicious

It’s already February and a lot of us have long forgotten about the New Year’s resolution to eat well this year. Many times, when we think about losing weight, we are trying to find a quick fix. Honestly, after years of struggling with my own slow metabolism and an allergy to the gym, I have found out that there are no miracle diets.  Nevertheless, I have learned by trial and failure, that the best answer to all the weight issues is balance and change in the way you eat. It seems like making small changes in your habits step by step is the best choice. So, on the path to enjoying the healthier lifestyle, take a look at some healthy lunch ideas for work to lose weight. Make lunch your first step towards healthier food choices. With these delicious options that we have prepared for you, you will finally realize that eating well is not a chore but pleasure.

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Maybe you are ready to change your whole food regime. If that is the case start by putting together a meal plan for a week. Try to do groceries and preparations on the weekend. It will help you stop the temptation of getting a take out when you think you have a meal waiting at home. If you are really struggling with planning your meals, there are so many wonderful inspirational people out there that can help you prevail. Losing weight is a tough cookie (unfortunately cookies are hardly allowed), and it’s ok to get help if you’re not a nutrition expert. Chef Holly will prepare a whole weekly meal plan for you according to your needs and will make it absolutely delicious.

Healthier lunches for work can be hard to think of when you are busy. It does get boring when you think you can only have a salad as well. We have prepared a list for you that will definitely include some of your favorite ingredients and will keep things interesting.

60 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work To Lose Weight: Easy And Delicious

Here Are Our Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work To Lose Weight:

>> Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work To Lose Weight With Meat

Chicken salad

Firstly we have for you some amazing options with meat. If you know that protein is what you need to fuel you through the day those are probably the best choices for you.

  1. Chicken Cesar salad bowl

    So classic, but it doesn’t mean it’s not good! It’s very easy to make so it will not take you too much time. Delicious and affordable.

  2. Turkey Wild and Black Rice Salad 

    black rice salad

    Photo by: Something New for Dinner

    If you enjoy experimenting with different types of rice you will love this salad. Turkey and spices will add the extra taste. It is a great one to prepare in advance

  3. Thai chicken lettuce cups

    A lovely recipe to combine veggies, spices, and chicken. It will give you a new set of tastes and you won’t be able to wait for lunch at work when you take those with you. 

  4. Chicken, orange and walnut salad

    Another creation with chicken, but in much different form. This time enjoy it with some sweet orange and walnuts. Overall a great and balanced meal. 

  5. Steak & Arugula Salad

    Read the recipe and learn that recipe kits are simple and pack a lot of taste.  Plus it includes a home made salad dressing recipe too!

  6. Turkey and kale meatball

    meatballsMeatballs do not have to be fatty. Give the old favorite a lifting using some healthier ingredients and lean meat. You can prepare a bigger batch and freeze some for next week too. 

  7. Chicken baked with tomatoes and mozzarella

    Delicious well-known combo that takes 20 minutes to make! Use the light version of mozzarella and add some basil on the top. It will taste great with some lettuce as a side.

  8. Grilled chicken breast with sesame seeds and seasonal veggies

    Are you a fan of Asian flavors? You can achieve that very easily by marinating the chicken with some soy sauce, garlic, and baking it with sesame seeds.

  9. Chicken, zucchini and pepper skewers

    Skewers are fun and quick to make! You can use any of your beloved veggies, the more the merrier! Season the meat with some herbs like thyme to make it extra fragrant.

  10. Roast beef salad

    Steak saladThis salad is a great way to use your Sunday roast ‘leftovers’. Regardless of what veggies you put inside it will taste amazing and help you use the ingredients you already have without extra expense. 

>> Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work With Fish & Seafood


Another group of lunches is based on fish and seafood. Most of the options will be filling but will feel light on your stomach as well. 

  1. Shrimp and Avocado Ceviche 

    avocado cevicheSince ceviche has to marinate to taste great it’s even better idea to take it to work with you. Even if you prepare it in the morning it will have time to work it’s magic before the lunch time comes.

  2. Avocado and salmon salad

    Quick and easy to make the salad that has all the most amazing ingredients. A perfect example of the healthy fats that you should always include in your diet. 

  3. Spicy Veggie and tuna wraps

    If you love burritos give yourself a chance to enjoy a healthy version. Fresh veggies and tuna will taste great with a yogurt sauce and some chilies. 

  4. Tuna, rice, and beans Mexican salad

    Not only will it take you 10 minutes to make this salad, but also you most likely have the ingredients at home. My personal favorite, when I don’t have time to do groceries. 

  5. Fresh spring rolls with shrimps and veggiesspring rolls

    Fresh spring rolls are amazing. They are really fun to make and easy to take to work. Have them with some peanut sauce, you won’t regret it!

  6. Smoked salmon, capers, parmesan salad

    A 5-minute salad that tastes delicious. If you know that you’re really hungry have it with some wholemeal bread. 

  7. Trout and spinach salad

    There are so many variations of this salad. If you do not have time to bake the fish the day before, get a smoked trout. Will be just as good without any effort. 

  8. Baked salmon with grapefruits, sesame seeds, and spinach

    An alternative to chicken and orange salad, for those of you who prefer to stay off of meat. 

  9. Japanese Sashimi

    If you love sushi try to have some more sashimi. It tastes amazing and you don’t end up eating so much white rice. 

  10. Grilled prawns with spicy seafood sauce

    Nothing easier than throw the prawns on the baking tray and blend few ingredients together for the sauce. My favourite seafood sauce is the Thai one, but you can choose any sauce you like as long as its main ingredient is not mayo!

>> Vegetarian Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

veggie bowl

So veggies are your jam? You will love these green options, especially relevant for those of you who simply don’t eat meat or fish. 

  1. Chili tofu 

    Tofu can be one of the best ingredients if you choose the right type for the right meal. I recommend heading to your local Asian store, those tiny shops always stock the best tofus!

  2. Roasted sweet potato & brussel sprout hash with farro 

    Sweet potatoes and brussel sprout is the best combo. Add som grains to make it a more filling lunch.

  3. Butternut squash noodles with walnut and parsley pesto 

    Homemade pesto is simply delicious. Especially if you try this version using parsley and walnuts. It so convenient to make a bit more on the weekend and just put it in a jar.

  4. Falafel salad with spicy yogurt saucefalafel

    Falafel is a classic lunch, you can make it healthier by adding a lot of veggies and a low-fat yogurt sauce.

  5. Moong Dal

    Lentils will make you full and they are high in fiber and protein. 

  6. Eggplants stuffed with lentils and tahini

    Another lentil dish, just because they are an amazing ingredient! This time pair it with some middle eastern flavors of eggplant and tahini. 

  7. Egg muffins stuffed with pepper, zucchini, and spinach

    Egg muffinsEggs do not have to be labeled only as a breakfast food. Try them with veggies for lunch this week. Preparations will take only a few minutes.

  8. Lentils, eggplant, tomato and zucchini stew

    A stew perfect for cold days. You can make it in advance which is a great advantage. 

  9. Roasted carrot and avocado salad 

    Roasted carrots are delightful especially when you roast them with spices. Avocado in the salad will be a great source of healthy fats.

  10. Mushroom wholemeal tart

    Tarts do not have to be the synonym of unhealthy. If you bake it yourself you can mix the wholemeal four and limit the heavy cream. Add a mixture of forest mushrooms for an even better taste.

>> Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work With Grains/Noodles/Pasta

pasta salad

Another group of lunches consists of carbohydrate based meals. Opposite to what you may think you need those, even when dieting. So do not stay away from them, but simply choose the wholemeal options and various grains.

  1. Spicy Asian peanut butter noodles

    Noodles are amazing and they can also be healthy. Try this lovely recipe with a sprinkle of peanut butter to add to the taste.

  2. Quinoa miso salad Quinoa salad

    Over past few years, quinoa became everyone’s favorite in the healthy food department. Mix it up with miso paste and crispy veggies for the best result. 

  3. Roasted vegetable pasta with garlic and balsamic  

    You can never go wrong with roasted veggies and if you combine them with wholemeal pasta this lunch will be the cause of many jealous looks.

  4. Fried rice with chicken, broccoli, and carrothealthy low calorie fried rice

    Fried rice with veggies is both mouth-watering and healthy. For a better result use brown rice and make sure that the proportions are right.

  5. Buckwheat stir fry with spinach and dried tomatoes

    Buckwheat is not yet a very popular grain but it sure will be soon. It’s healthy, delicious and goes great with so many ingredients. 

  6. Quinoa chicken and green beans bake

    This meal has all that is good for you: veggies, good carbs, and lean meat. No further explanation needed!

  7. Couscous with baked pumpkin, peppers, and feta

    Couscous is probably one of the fastest to prepare grains that you can include in your diet. Add some roasted veggies, feta, and seasoning. That will make up a perfect lunch.

  8. Wholemeal pasta with arrabbiata sauce

    Another easy lunch that will not disappoint you with the flavor. Arrabbiata is a classic that you can make in a light way and not only please your taste buds but also your body.

  9. Soba noodles with peppers, veal and soy sauce

    Soba noodles are not noticed enough. They are delicious very quick to make and healthy. So next time you’re craving noodles go for soba. 

  10. Quinoa and chickpeas salad

    A lovely salad that you can add to your regular meals, it will be even yummier if you add some red onions, peppers, and tomatoes into it. 

>> Soups As Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work 

healthy lunch ideas for work to lose weight as a soup

While you may think that soups are not a good idea to take to work, I dare to disagree. They are a great meal, especially in the winter time, maybe just one piece of advice: remember about a proper container or a jar. 

  1. Chicken soup with kale 

    A healthy alternative to a classic chicken soup but for extra nutritional value add some kale.

  2. Creamy pumpkin soup with sage and pumpkin seedspumpkin soup

    Pumpkin soup is delicious no matter how you decide to prepare it. The creamy soup will make you full and warm on gloomy days.

  3. Pho noodle soupPho noodle soup

    Vietnamese know how to do soups! So enjoy this complete meal in a bowl. Making the broth in advance is the best idea, then in the morning you can simply add the noodles and greens and you’re ready to go.  

  4. Tom Yum

    If you love spicy and sour tom yum should be your choice. You can add lean meat or shrimps or make it vegetarian. This is an amazing all year rounder.

  5. Laksa with cod fish

    Let’s continue on the trip through Southeast Asia and the soups on the menu. This Malaysian dish is quick, easy and yummy.

  6. Carrot, peanut butter, and coconut milk soup

    This soup may seem like a surprising combination, but believe me, it tastes amazing. It’s creamy and simply delicious. The best part is that it’s just super easy to prepare.

  7. Sweet Potato soup with ricotta

    Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to classic potatoes, they are higher in fiber and lower in the glycemic index!

  8. Miso soup

    Miso soup is the lunch veteran in bento boxes, but it can be quite satisfying lunch on its own.

  9. Creamy leek soup 

    Leeks are a great source of vitamins so chop up few of those and make them into a delicious soup. Add other vegetables that you like carrots or celery for a fuller taste.

  10. Zucchini and mint soup

    Zucchinis are a must have in your pantry. One of the nicer ways of preparing them is in a form of a soup. Adding mint to the meal will give it new surprising taste.

>> Cheesy Healthy Lunch Ideas For Work

fig and cheese salad

Finally, let’s not forget about cheese. This one can be tricky so just make sure the proportion of other ingredients to cheese is adequate. 

  1. Cumin roasted carrots with halloumi and fresh dill 

    Grilled halloumi cheese will taste amazing with grilled carrots and you won’t be able to wait for your lunch.

  2. Chickpeas, avocado, and feta saladchickpeas salad

    Toss a lot of veggies into that one, the beauty of this salad is that whatever your favourite greens are they will probably go well with this.

  3. Beetroot and goat cheese omelet 

    Betroots go so great with goat cheese! If you add them to lovely whites omlet they will make a healthy and delicious meal.

  4. Frittata with feta, spinach, and ham

    Another egg based dish. If you’re preparing a meal for a whole family this is a great choice. It’s ready in the blink of an eye and everyone will love the taste.

  5. Halloumi and grilled eggplants salad

    You can add diferent variations to this salad and spread the same meal throught the week – fewer preparations and fewer spendings. Add pomgranate seeds and yogurt suace or balsamic vingar and mint leaves for diferent effect.

  6. Baked shrimps in tomato sauce and feta

    Shrimps are light and combined with feta cheese they make a lovely meal. Add garlic and some onions if you wish.

  7. Baked squash and goat cheese on rye bread toast rye bread sandwich

    A nice alternative to regular high in caloeries sandwicht. It will be a great meal if you know youll be busy and will not have time to sit down for lunch.

  8. Spinach and ricotta in a galette

    Galette is an amazing alternative to crepes, it’s made from a buckwheat flour and that’s what makes is the healthy twin to crepes. You can make more in advance and add different stuffings during the week.

  9. Low-fat camembert with olives and dried tomatoes

    A ‘lazy lunch’ that literally requires a shop run during lunch time, but still keeps you on the healthier side.

  10. Gorgonzola, walnut and pear salad 

    A classic combination that can make a lovely alternative to your usual salads. 

Because there are so many amazing foods to choose from that are beneficial for you, there are no excuses for you not to give healthy eating a shot. Apparently, it takes a person around 2 weeks to get used to a new habit, so invite the good food into your life for at least half a month. You will see that in addition to the scales moving the right way (yes! finally) you will feel energised and more positive.  If you loved our giant list of 60 healthy lunch ideas for work to lose weight then don’t wait and speak with one of our experts to help you design and plan your nutritious meal preps.

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