9 Healthy Meal Prep Recipe Ideas: Low Fat Meals, Low Carb Diet Meals, High Protein Bodybuilding Meals

If you have already made a commitment to eating healthier then you are on a good track to achieving your dream body. There are many delicious meals that you can prepare for the week that will help you to achieve your dietary goals. We know how easy it can be to get stuck eating the same things just because you know them. That is why we have found some great meal prep recipe ideas, that you can try out, to make your diet more exciting.

9 Healthy Meal Prep Recipe Ideas: Low Fat Meals, Low Carb Diet Meals, High Protein Bodybuilding Meals

I know when I try to diet one of the things that help me to stay consistent is to have a variety of foods and not repeating the same dishes very often. When you get bored with your food you are more prone to have unhealthy cravings, which ultimately leads to cheat days… or cheat weeks. The best way to avoid that is to simply pay more attention to your meal prep and try to keep inspired throughout the process. If you do that you have a better chance of changing your way of eating for life rather than trying to get a quick fix. 

9 Healthy Meal Prep Recipe Ideas: Low Fat Meals, Low Carb Diet Meals, High Protein Bodybuilding Meals

Low Fat Meal Prep Recipes

A low-fat diet may have a so-so opinion out there. But using some of the low-fat meals in your balanced diet is definitely a good idea. As long as you remember that just because you are cutting out fat it doesn’t mean you can double on sugar! Including healthy fats in your diets is a much better idea than cutting them out entirely. For some of the meals, when you don’t want to have a high fat intake to balance the day out have a look at these 3 delicious meal prep recipe ideas.


Everyone loves fish and chips, and as much as we all know increasing the amount of fish and seafood in your diet is definitely a good choice, it may be a good idea to lose the fatty batter on the fish. This substitute of deep frying is going to let you enjoy your favorite dish guilt-free!


This salad is no ordinary salad and you will adore eating it. A lovely combination of healthy and tasty on a plate. You can prepare a bigger portion of turkey in advance and enjoy it with different veggies on another day.


Another fish dish that is absolutely delicious and also healthy. If you are not a fan of raw fish this may not be your choice, but before you say no forever give it a try. Make sure that you use fresh fish.

Low Carb Diet Meal Prep Recipes

If you are trying to shed few kilograms in hurry before the summer holidays then a low carb diet can be the right one. As I have argued before, it is still important to keep a healthy balance and include some of the healthy carbs in your diet. Especially if you are exercising more you do need some carbs in your diet. 


Eggs are a fantastic base for a diet. You can make them in many ways and they can be a nice lunch meal not only a breakfast base. Try this awesome recipe with a little bit of parmesan and ham to make things more interesting.

zucchini noodles

If you can’t live without pasta but you are still determined to cut down calories, a zucchini pasta version is going to blow your mind. This veggie-packed meal is delicious and really healthy. This is dieting at its best.

chicken salad

No meal prep recipe ideas are complete without a chicken salad. Sometimes it may seem boring, but it still tastes amazing and there is no reason why an old classic cannot be a bit of a lift. Try adding some beetroot and broccoli to make your chicken salad less boring and much tastier. 

High Protein Bodybuilding Meal Prep Recipes

If your diet focus falls on building your muscles we have great meal prep recipe ideas for you as well. They are all based on foods that are high in protein and can bring a bit more variety to your meals.


Fancy some meatballs? With this recipe, you can be sure that you are not only going to eat a delicious meal, but also help your muscles grow. 


Chicken skewers are a great idea for a BBQ. You need to try preparing them with herbs. That will give them an amazing taste without you needing to add any unhealthy pre-made bbq mix. Simple can also be amazing.


Our last idea for a protein-packed meal is chicken satay. If you love Asian flavors this surely will be something for you. Enjoy it with some steamed veggies or brown rice. 

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