Heston Blumenthal is Drafting a New Cookery GCSE

Heston Blumenthal is helping to draft a new cookery GCSE to help get school children cooking.  We think it’s great, we love the idea of this because we think it will help prepare students for their adult life.  In terms of cooking when they live alone and helping them with a career in cooking if they find they have a passion for it.  

We know many schools run cookery courses or food technology GCSE’s, but this is going to be much more interesting and more complex.  Food technology courses have often been criticised for their simplicity and we think this new GCSE will give students a real insight into the culinary world.  Heston has been demonstrating some of the syllabi already which includes making ice cream using liquid nitrogen and egg soufflés.  

Heston said:

My own passion for food began with questioning everything about the science behind cooking – which is what we need to encourage kids to do in schools.  It’s how they get engaged, learn and develop the confidence to experiment and get creative in the kitchen.

Heston may just be the perfect person to get the students interested as he is famous for his strange and weird foods!  We very much look forward to seeing this new GCSE launched next year, we wish OCR the best of luck with it!

Read the full article here.

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