Looking To Launch a Restaurant? Things To Look For in a Chef Consultant

Are you planning on opening up a restaurant and need someone with a culinary background to guide you through the process? Are you aiming to stand out and make your culinary experience offering irresistible to your target market? A Chef Consultant can walk you through all the steps you need to take to ensure the success of your restaurant venture. 

If you’re interested, check out some of our Chefs’ profiles or ask our Concierge who will match make you!

Things To Look For in a Chef Consultant 

Things to look for in a Chef consultant

Yes, you read it well! ChefXChange‘s Chefs can be the guiding stars in your long journey of opening your dream restaurant. He/She will walk you through all the steps you need to perfect your restaurant experience: from creating new dishes, to forming a strong brand from scratch & adjusting all the latter to meet your audience’s tastes. 

Still confused about what to look for in a Chef Consultant? No worries, we’ve taken the time and effort to prepare a list that would make the job much easier! 

Good communication and listening skills

The Chef Consultant needs to really listen and understand what you need for your restaurant. We cannot deny the fact that things can start to get messy and confusing, and that is why the Chef needs to really listen attentively, analyze the information provided and suggest potential solutions accordingly. In the same token, the Chef should also be able to communicate these solutions well to the client. And, most importantly, he/she should always have an open mind to new ideas and constructive feedback. 

Combination of culinary & business talent

Keep in mind that the success of your restaurant depends on the taste-buds of your target foodies… which should obviously be one of the key strengths of your Chef. Well, you hired a Chef consultant and not a business consultant for a reason, right?
However, this does not mean that the Chef doesn’t need to know anything about the restaurant business. Meaning, he/she should have ample knowledge about budgeting & pricing, basic marketing, the target market, finding a good spot for your restaurant and so on… A Chef consultant would provide you with proper technical, recipe and costing sheets. Accordingly, he/she can put together a menu that makes sense from a cost ratio perspective (balancing high cost and lower cost dishes)

Knowledge of the market

Speaking of the Chef’s business talent, we strongly believe that he/she should have knowledge of the market from both a demand and supply side. Meaning, know the needs & wants of the target market as well as the unique experience that would differentiate this restaurant from competitors. This being done, you can adjust the menu to meet your target foodies’ tastes! Being able to build relationships with local suppliers of produce and knowing what you can find in the local market. Importing some goods can quickly bring the cost of a basic dish up.


The Chef consultant should always have an open mind & be ready to revisit decisions. After all, he/ she is providing a service to the client who should have a final say. The Chef has to be ready to get out of his “comfort zone” & recreate menus to meet the expectations of both the restaurant owner and the target market. Consultancies can take from couple weeks to couple of months, depending on the menu that needs to be created, availability of ingredients and kitchen talent that will then need to be trained. 


Building on the previous point, the Chef consultant needs to have a strong base in a specific type of cuisine. But, this does not mean that he/she has to limit the scope of the menu accordingly. It is very important to add new flavors and customize menus to meet the standards set by the restaurant owner. A dish that works extremely well in one city, will most of the time not work in another. Copy-pasting those not work and way too many restaurant owners make that mistake. Franchises are here to prove that point, with many of them failing because they didn’t adapt to the local market they open in. 

How to hire a Chef consultant?

Now that you know all about what to look for in a Chef consultant, you can check our Chefs’ profiles or send us an inquiry on our Concierge page

Below some basic questions we would need answers for in order to recommend the right Chef for your venture:

  • Number of seats in the restaurant
  • Casual or fine dining experience
  • The type of cuisine you are looking for
  • How extensive of a menu you are after
  • If you already have a kitchen team in place to be trained
  • Opening date
  • Budget 

So, all in all, what you need to do is provide us with a few details and the ChefXChange team will take it from there. They will then recommend suitable & available Chefs & revert back to you with a quotation. As for the Chef, he/she will make sure your new restaurant exceeds the requirements of your (saturated) market.

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