Hire a Private Chef in Spain: Make Your Summer Holiday Unforgettable

Spain is no doubt a beautiful holiday destination. The vibrant culture, amazing weather, and great beaches make it one of the prime destinations for summer holidays in Europe. Not to mention Spanish food which is simply amazing. Fresh seafood and a variety of tapas to go with your glass of wine cannot be beat. To me, that sounds like a perfect holiday! If you are on the search for fun and delicious activities for your summer holidays, you should hire a private chef in Spain.

Private Chef in Spain: Make Your Summer Holiday Unforgettable

Hire a Private Chef in Spain: Make Your Summer Holiday Unforgettable

Spain is a country of many great dishes. Take for example paella. An amazing and versatile meal that is a great party centerpiece to share and gather around. Or Tapas, many small dishes made to share. Eating is a very social activity and you know what they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do or in this case when in Spain eat like the Spaniards eat! To make your summer feast more local and social hire a private chef in Spain, that way you can get an intimate evening in a villa with friends and family without having to cook for hours.

Private Chef in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca is one of many Spanish islands on the Mediterranean. It is a great place to visit from spring all the way until fall as it is quite far south which provides great weather and a long holiday season. While you enjoy some relaxing time on the beach or do some sightseeing our Private Chef Manuel can gather all the fresh ingredients and prepare a dinner feast for you. What is more, Chef Manuel specializes in Vegan food so you can be sure that any dietary restrictions are covered.

  • Israeli Charoset  

  • Greek Kebab

  • Maltese Dessert

Israeli Charoset   Greek Kebab Maltese Dessert

Private Chef in Tenerife

If you are heading to the exotic Tenerife you can have an amazing seafood dinner celebration prepared by Chef Roberto. Seafood is Chef Roberto’s specialty and you can expect the finest and freshest caught pieces on your plate. 

  • Seafood salad

  • Tiger prawn risotto with saffron

  • Degustation dishes

Seafood Salad Degustation dishes

Did not find your location? Have a look at the ChefXChange website. Our chefs are scattered all over the world and committed to serving you the most delicious food.

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