Home Cooked Meals Delivered – Teriyaki Salmon, Cajun Chicken And More

Eating out is great, but when you only eat out because you have no time to cook at home at all it gets tiring. Sometimes we can’t help it… the schedule is what it is and there is just not enough time or energy to cook. Luckily you can get the home cooked meals delivered to your door! Home Cooked Meals Delivered

Home Cooked Meals Delivered – Teriyaki Salmon, Cajun Prawn, And More

With ChefXChange Meal Delivery, you can order weekly meal sets of 3 or 5 dishes. Food is delicious and prepared by professional chefs. You get it delivered every Monday so you can enjoy the yummy dishes for the rest of the week! The menu changes weekly and you can choose from 6 different dishes every week.

Our Home Cooked Meals Delivered – Teriyaki Salmon

Enjoy the delicious Teriyaki Salmon in your menu. An absolutely amazing dish which can be great for dinner or lunch – you choose!

Teriyaki Salmon

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Our Home Cooked Meals Delivered – Cajun Chicken

For a pinch of spiciness enjoy the Cajun Chicken in your menu. Cajun chicken is a delicious lunch especially when it is accompanied by a lime rice.

Cajun chicen

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Our Home Cooked Meals Delivered – Thai Spicy Noodles

If you are watching your calories you will love to have Thai Spicy Noodles. This delicious noodle salad has everything you could wish for – crunchy veggies, delicious fresh prawns and aromatic sauce.

Thai spicy noodles

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If you like examples of what you can eat with us you will love the choice of the weekly menu. Head to ChefXChange Meal Delivery website and choose your dishes. Subscribe by Friday 5 pm to enjoy your meals from Monday!

If you have any questions about what is Meal Delivery and whether it is a good fit for you, head to our FAQ page or read our post on Healthy lunch box delivery: sample menu, reviews, and special offer.

For more food inspiration have a look at what our Private Chefs are cooking.