The Ultimate Homemade Food Delivery Arrives to Dubai

To all our Dubai Foodies: the wait is finally over…Mama’s Kitchen has finally landed in the Las Vegas of the Middle East! Whether you are having a stressful workday, desire healthy meals, or simply cooking is not your forte, ChefXChange has your taste buds covered with our homemade food delivery

Our team has been on a relentless hunt for exquisite Chefs, Mamas and cuisines in Dubai for months. We bring you the essence of Middle Eastern, Italian, Indian, Portuguese, and many more cuisines, direct to your doorstep.

Everyone struggles to balance their health and their work life, and many are “blessed” with extremely selective taste buds. But you don’t need to fret about lunch while having breakfast anymore; you can  enjoy homey, eccentric, and delicious lunches every day of the week with Mama’s Kitchen

The Ultimate Homemade Food Delivery Arrives to Dubai

The Ultimate Homemade Food Delivery Arrives to Dubai

Enjoy the Taste of Mamas and Grand Mamas Cooking…NOW!

By now, your brain might be buzzing with the question: how can I enjoy these mouthwatering dishes? In case you missed it in our previous posts, the process is very simple. Every Sunday you will receive a set menu of 6 mains (mix of vegetarian, meat, fish) for you to choose from.

The menu will harbor traditional and international dishes from all around the world. Is the foodie in you craving Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, or Portuguese dishes? Worry no more as our Chefs and Mamas will mix the best ingredients and cook dishes infused with passion and love!

Just go to our meal service page, and if you can’t resist the temptation, choose at least 3 meals from a variety of wonderful choices by Thursday 5 pm of that week. Your selected dishes get delivered to you the following Sunday in a box.

Of course, no meal is complete without a healthy dose of greens. In every box, you will get a side salad. And if you have an irresistible sweet tooth, our chefs will surprise you with a dessert or fruit with every meal!

All dishes can be stored in the fridge for 3 days (some can be stored in the freezer), and if you have any intolerance or food allergies, every box is accompanied by a set of ingredients (Nuts, Lactose, grains/gluten etc…)  and a storage and heating instruction card. You can put your brain at ease, and focus on the most important aspect of the process: the mouth-watering luscious taste explosion!

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It’s time to stop thinking about and chasing after good food.  Let it come to you and try our meal delivery service in Dubai.  

Wait no more, leave your email here and we’ll send you our weekly menu!

If you like this concept but live in Beirut, we’ve got you covered. Check out Beirut’s version of this meal delivery service called Mama’s Tabkha.