Homemade Lebanese Food Delivery In Beirut: Shish Barak, Daoud Basha

It gets tiring having to cater to yourself and your family every day in and day out in the kitchen. It must start to feel like a chore at some point. For others, to cut back on this chore, they prefer to meal prep in advance like on a Sunday. However, are Sundays not for total relaxation and mental preparation for the week ahead? So, why spend 2-3 hours of your Sunday cooking food. Don’t get me wrong, meal preparation is a useful tip to get ahead in the week, however, doing it every week can take some time away from doing other things you love. So instead, why not try a homemade Lebanese food delivery service to save you some time and effort.

: Homemade Lebanese Food Delivery In Beirut: Shish Barak, Daoud Basha

Homemade Lebanese food delivery

If you live in Beirut, Chefxchange can deliver homemade meals directly to your home. This will give you the change and break that you deserve. Whether it be for a mid-week treat, a weekend in or a bulk order on a Sunday to last you the whole week, Chefxchange has got you covered!

Two common meals in Beirut are Shish Barak and Daoud Basha. If you are looking to give this delivery service a go, why not start with these two lovely homemade dishes?

Daoud Basha

Daoud Basha is a Middle Eastern classic that is prepared in most restaurants and snack bar in Beirut.  This guarantees that your meal will be prepared by a chef with great experience with this cuisine. It is a  hearty dish of beef and lamb seasoned with spices, tomato, and beef bouillon. If you are not a fan of beef or lamb, this meal can easily be adapted to suit your preference. However, It is good to know that beef and lamb are recommended because they give a more authentic Lebanese flavour. These meatballs can be served over rice, on their own or with vermicelli pasta. 

Daoud Basha

Shish Barak

Shish Barak is a traditional Lebanese dish. The dish consists of tiny meat dumplings cooked in a plain yogurt stew. Although rewarding, the process of making and rolling the dough can be time-consuming. The skill and time required to prepare this dish make it the perfect dish to order in for home delivery.

By getting a professional to make this dish, you will do the meal justice by having it authentically made with the care and love it needs. If you are a fan of strong flavours this dish to be prepared with plain goat yogurt as opposed to ordinary cow yogurt. Goats yogurt yields a much stronger and intense flavour than cow yogurt when cooking this dish. 

: Homemade Lebanese Food Delivery In Beirut: Shish Barak, Daoud Basha

To read more about these two recipes visit the ChefXChange Blog. Whilst you can always prepare this dish yourself, save yourself the trouble and book this homemade Lebanese food delivery services with ChefXChange.