Host A ChefXChange Christmas: Hire A Private Chef

With Christmas fast approaching focus now shifts onto the all awaited Christmas dinner. Everyone loves a good Christmas dinner.  After all, it is filled with all things that we enjoy; Lovely food, drinks, family, and friends.  However, everyone tends to forget the hard work that goes into preparing the momentous feast. This year, we have a solution to ensure that your Christmas dinner is stress-free and delightful.

Host A ChefXChange Christmas: Hire A Private Chef

Host A ChefXChange Christmas: Hire A Private Chef

It is easy to offer advice on how to avoid stress at Christmas but is not that easy to actually execute it. For instance, I can recommend planning in advance and making sure all food preparation is in place on Christmas Eve. Whilst these tips are useful, it still involves hard work and pressure. The best advice I can give you is to simply hire a private chef from CheXchange. They will take control of your kitchen and as a result, they will take care of you.

Hiring a private chef has now become easy due to the ChefXChange. ChefXchange has over 220 vetted and approved chefs waiting for you to book their services. ChefXchange will generate a list of chefs that fit your criteria based on your location, date and the type of experience you desire. For example e.g. a private chef or cooking classes. You then just have to read the chef profiles and decide which one is best for you.Host A ChefXChange Christmas: Hire A Private Chef

Why host Christmas with ChefXChange?

More family time

The most enjoyable part of Christmas is the time spent with loved ones. By hiring one of our chefs this Christmas, you will allow yourself more time to spend with your family. Your private Chef will take care of all the tedious task that time isolates you from everyone else. For instance, they will take care of the shopping list, get all the necessary ingredients, prepare the food, serving you and your guest, set the table for you and after the meal, they will also clear up for you.

The great job that your private chef will do, will give you more time to relax, play games with family and start new traditions with them. You can let yourself go and not worry about the quality of the meal to come because your private chef is well experienced.

Reduces pressure and stress

Christmas cooking can be a stressful task because you have to cater to a large number of guest. There is also that added pressure of knowing that everyone has been waiting a year for this meal. The general desire to get everything ready and perfect at the right time can quickly cause the stress levels to rise.

Stress is not what Christmas is about, having fun and reflecting is. Why spend all the time in the kitchen just to be exhausted by the time you sit down with your guest? Hiring a private chef means none of this stress falls on you. Simply agree on the menu you want and they will take care of the rest. The time that would have been spent stressing in the kitchen can now be replaced with you unwinding over a glass of wine chatting amongst your guest.

Host A ChefXChange Christmas: Hire A Private Chef

How to hire a private chef through ChefXchange

Now that I have painted the picture of relaxation and delight you can experience this Christmas, all you need to know is how this opportunity can be use this Christmas.

The steps for booking a chef for Christmas dinner (or any other occasion) are quite simple. We’ve created an infographic for you detailing how to sign-up, search, contact, enjoy and review your culinary experience with us. 

Now that all the secrets have been shared, what are you waiting for?  Hosting has never been so easy and enjoyable, hire a private chef this Christmas and find out for yourself, Great food, time with your friends and family and no cleaning up await you!

Host A ChefXChange Christmas: Hire A Private Chef

If you are looking for some pro tips on how to pick the best dinner party menu then you can check out our animated infographic filled with pro tips. In addition, If you want some new dinner ideas or menu inspiration for this Christmas to surprise your guest, then check out our dinner party ideas and make it a Christmas dinner like none other.