5 Best Hot Finger Buffet Food Ideas For Your Buffet Party

A hot finger buffet is a great choice to cater your party. You get the benefit of serving ‘real’ food that is warm, but at the same time, you can enjoy the freedom of no seating arrangement. It is easy to organize and there are many delicious hot finger buffet foods that you can serve.

5 Best Hot Finger Buffet Food Ideas For Your Buffet Party

There are a lot of things to consider when you are throwing a party.  And choosing the food depends on quite a lot of things too; what the weather will be like, if there are people with dietary preferences, if you’re seating or standing.  That’s why a hot finger buffet is great because you don’t have to worry about seating space.  That means you can fit more guests in, as well as having a large selection of food.

If you have never hired a caterer, you should not be worried. It is a really easy process. Especially with ChefXChange, where you have multiple options of the chefs, locations, cuisines and you can easily communicate with your caterer to make sure that everything will be perfect.  As well as comparing other caterers, and reading reviews from previous customers.

Before you go ahead and choose your optimal experience, you need to think of few things. Make sure that you have a rough idea of how many people you are going to host. For some events, it is hard to assess, but you can probably get an estimate and know whether it is going to be a party of 15 or 50 people. Having that and your venue in mind, you can successfully talk to your caterer and get everything organized quickly and efficiently.

5 Best Hot Finger Buffet Food Ideas For Your Buffet Party

Meaty hot finger buffet food

A lovely selection of meaty hot snacks. By serving those easy to eat meats you will make sure that your guests will not feel hungry. Satay chicken and lamb kofta are nice options, for which you barely need to have a plate.  

satayscotch egg wings

  • Chorizo pizza sticks
  • Lamb kofta
  • Confit duck scotch eggs
  • Satay chicken
  • BBQ chicken wrapped in bacon

Vegetarian hot finger buffet food

A great combo for any veggies is to pair them up with some carbs to make sure that you are serving a comprehensive meal. There are many great options for that. Quiches are one of my favorites. You can serve them in a mini version or in slices. 

spinach quiche asparagustofu

  • Asparagus in filo pastry with parmesan shavings 
  • Spinach quiche
  • Polenta and olive tapenade bites 
  • Roasted tofu pops  
  • Zucchini balls

Sweet hot finger buffet food

Delicious pies will steal the hearts of you guests for sure. Depending on the season you can go a bit more into winter style desserts where the base can be apples, pumpkins or nut and spices. In the summer time, it may be a nicer idea to choose berries or citrus. 

pumpkin pie churros pecan pie

  • Mini apple pie bites
  • Churros with chocolate sauce
  • Apple fries with dulce de leche 
  • Pecan pie shooters
  • Mini pumpkin pies

Cheesy hot finger buffet food

A grilled cheese sandwich is one of the naughty pleasures of this world. If your gathering is quite informal it could be a nice idea to serve some of the cheese fields treats. If your party is more of an official event probably a better call is to go for more of goat cheese or gorgonzola based snacks.

cheese puffs grilled cheese mac'n'cheese

  • Spinach and ricotta puffs
  • Grilled cheese rye sandwiches
  • Mashed potato cheese balls
  • Mac and cheese bites 
  • Blackberry, thyme and goat cheese crostini

Seafood hot finger buffet food

Last but not least, seafood hot finger buffet snacks are a lovely chance to show some creativity. It is a great idea to serve seafood if you can make sure that the food is actually keeping the heat. Otherwise, some of the dishes may not live up to their potential. 

shrimp and pineaple salmon burger calamari

  • Bite size fish pies
  • Salmon sliders 
  • Grilled shrimp and pineapple skewers
  • Lobster stuffed mushrooms
  • Calamari rings

If you are looking for more ideas on what to serve at your buffet party have a look at our post about 5 Best Cold Finger Buffet Food Ideas For Your Buffet Party. To see what our amazing caterers can offer you, have a look at ChefXChange.com.