5 Best Hot Fork Buffet Food Ideas For Your Next Buffet Party

A hot fork buffet is a great idea when you are throwing an informal party or you want to cater for a business event. The choice of dishes that you can serve is huge and your guests will be over the moon with the delicious dishes that you will serve them. We have 5 best hot fork buffet ideas to inspire you with your menu selection.

5 Best Hot Fork Buffet Food Ideas For Your Next Buffet Party

A great idea when you serve your guests a hot buffet is to have at least some seating space. Hot food is not as easy to eat while standing. If you are low on space, a nice idea is to rent some high tables. You do not need to worry about seating space. Another plus of using high tables is the opportunity to network and mingle with everyone. Since no one is actually sitting down, moving seats will not be an obstacle. This solution is particularly good if you are planning a business function. 

It’s always nice to offer hot food when you’re having a buffet, it brings a wholesome feel to the meal.  If you rely on cold food it can seem a little boring.  You can keep your food hot either by constantly refreshing it, or using some hot plates.  Hot plates are a great idea because you can mingle with your guests and not worry about the food.  Rather than rushing every 5 minutes to change the food.

5 Best Hot Fork Buffet Food Ideas For Your Next Buffet Party

Stews for hot fork buffet

Stews are an amazing idea for a buffet they are a great food that can be enjoyed with other foods but also tastes nice on its own. Try to mix it up a little and serve not only meaty stews but also some seafood options. A lovely idea is a Thai green curry with prawns, it is delicious and will bring variety to your hot fork buffet. A great idea is to also include some of the more classic dishes like beef bourguignon. It’s a safe choice if you are not sure what type of cuisine your guest like and it tastes divine!

  • Indian chicken and tomato stew

indian curry

  • Thai green curry with prawns

thai curry


Baked dishes for hot fork buffet

Baked dishes are the second staple of a hot buffet. They are a great choice because they can act as a solo dish and you don’t have to worry whether all the accompanying sides will fit perfectly with everything. Use the same concept as for the stews and make sure that you have at least one classic bake like shepherd’s pie. 

  • Salmon and leek bake 


  • Lasagna with chicken and broccoli


  • Shepards pie


Vegetarian dishes for hot fork buffet

Another on our hot fork buffet list are the vegetarian options. Make sure that you have at least one or two dishes that will be suitable for people, who do not eat meat or who are gluten intolerant or dairy intolerant. Structuring the menu this way you can be sure that you will avoid unpleasant surprises of one or two guests not having anything to eat.

  • Spinach, ricotta and sundried tomato cannelloni


  • Vegetarian moussaka


  • Sweet potato chilli


Accompaniments for hot fork buffet

Do not forget about some sides! There are many delicious things that you can include in this category like various salads and greens or carbs. A good idea is to include a bit of both. Try not to forget about some potatoes or pieces of bread but also make sure you do not miss fresh greens.

  • Homemade coleslaw


  • Baked potato wedges


  • Spring greens salad


Desserts for hot fork buffet

Desserts are the cherry on top of your buffet party. Choose ones that you personly like the most. I think a nice idea is to go for a tiramisu because it’s one of the most popular desserts and you can rest assured that it will all be gone when the party is finished. Apart from desserts, you can include some fresh fruits for those of your guests who do not want to go into a food coma after the party. 

  • Tiramisu


  • Lemon tart

lemon tart

  • Chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse

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