How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Private Chef In Dubai?

The holiday season is around the corner! We understand that it might be logistically difficult for some of you to fly all the way home to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with your families. However, you can still make it special. Friends are family and having a gathering with them around the holidays will make everyone feel closer to home and less homesick. Not to mention the good time and the memorable nights that you will have together!

With that in mind, we know that around the holidays, budgets stretch and soar. We all love the holiday season; but our wallets do not! You are likely thinking that between the holiday shopping and the parties to attend–things will start adding up. You’re probably thinking that another private dinner is bound to be very expensive. That’s not true! ChefXChange has you covered! You can still enjoy an exquisite meal of your choice, bring your own wine, and relax in the venue of your choice; all at a price point cheaper than eating at a restaurant. Find below the comparision chart that shows the cost to hire a private chef in Dubai.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Private Chef In Dubai?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Private Chef In Dubai?

Cost To Hire A Private Chef In Dubai

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch, it’s easy–just book a Private Chef with ChefXChange. If you are looking to host or entertain in the comfort of your home or personally chosen venue, ChefXChange provides a superbly curated service–a hassle-free, exclusive dining experience, complete with personal interaction with the chef at restaurant-competitive prices.

Forget about the inconvenience of a restaurant reservation, getting a good table, getting there on time and making sure that everyone else does as well! Instead, dine in with style; set your own music, theme, decoration and mood for a night to remember, where you and your guests will be left happy, full and merry.

The most common misconception about hiring a private chef is that it is expensive and inaccessible on a budget. Here is a breakdown of the cost to Hire A Private Chef in Dubai versus dining out at a restaurant. We collected data from our chefs and averaged prices from restaurants in Dubai.

The Cost of Eating Out - Dubai

*Prices for dining in for 6 people were collected from private chefs at ChefXChange. **Prices for dining out for 6 people are an average of prices collected from different restaurants in Dubai

Dining in is more affordable, fun and intimate!

Imagine this: Setting the table in advance, finally putting to use your nice glassware, dishware and cutlery! You are relaxed, with plenty of time to get ready. You even prepared a music list! Our chef arrives and begins cooking up your customized menu. Your guests start arriving. They love the setup, the mood and the menu. You enjoy their company and actually interact with them! Finally, dinner is served and it’s delicious. Now that’s a night to remember! After all, we are all about creating memories…

What are you waiting for? Book your Private Chef in Dubai NOW for a memorable night… especially if the food looks like this!


Cost of hiring a chef in Dubai

Cost of hiring a chef in Dubai

Cost of hiring a chef in Dubai

And if you really need any more convincing then read these 10 reasons to book a Private Chef.

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