How to Book a Private Chef Using the ChefXchange Platform

Do you ever get that feeling in a restaurant when you want to make changes to your meal and the waiter starts getting impatient? We get this all the time and we thought if we’re paying good money for our food we want to eat exactly what we want, no matter how many changes need to be made. This is one of the many reasons that we set up ChefXchange, we are going to walk you through the easy booking system and how to Book a Private or Personal Chef that will create the perfect meal for you.

How to book a private chef on ChefXchange

First of all go to here and sign up as a Foodie by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ tab

Book A Chef: Sign Up

Now create a Foodie profile, it takes less than 2 minutes. You will need to provide your name, city and email address. You will receive an activation email straight away.  Be sure to check your junk for this if you don’t see it in your inbox!  This is all you need to do to set up your account.

Book A Chef: Validate account

 Hire personal and private chefs in London, Washington DC, Dubai and Beirut

Now search for your Chef, using the homepage or the ‘Search tab in the top menu’ select your city from the drop down list, select your date from the calendar and select your cuisine, or don’t change this if you are open to any cuisine. You can also put a price range on and the Chef’s ranking. For example if you were searching for a Chef to cook Spanish food for a birthday party next week, in London you could find any of these Chefs:

Book A Chef: Search

To make it easier to find chefs on our platform, here are the specific City pages:

Private and Personal Chefs in London

Private and Personal Chefs in Washington DC

Private and Personal Chefs in Dubai

Selection and Hiring a Private Chef

Take a look at the Chefs that meet your criteria and look at their menus, you can also browse their story, where they trained and their work experience. When you find a Chef that takes your fancy it will help with your booking if you complete your profile.  To do that click your account icon in the top right hand corner of the website.  Add a photo, your street name and postcode, then you can list what resources you have in your kitchen.  This is to help the chef understand what kitchen equipment he needs to bring in order to prepare the menu that you choose.  

Screenshot of kitchen contents

We then recommend that you add a phone number click the ‘Settings’ tab and enter a phone number, so that when a booking is processed the Chef can ring you if they need to.

Book A Chef: Add number

Procedure for Booking your Personal Chef

Now that your profile is set up and you found your Chef send him a message to check his availability and how he can tailor his menu to you. You do this by putting a booking through on the right hand side of the page,don’t worry it’s free!  Click the menu you are enquiring about, enter the number of people to be catered for, your budget, the date and then enter a message.  When you send them a message be sure to fill out the comments box and tell the Chef a lot of information; about what you expect, changes to the menu that you want made, the time of the meal etc. For example if one of your members is a vegetarian, or lactose intolerant, or gluten intolerant, or you don’t like a certain ingredient be sure to tell the Chef.

Book A Chef: Message Chef

Your Personal Chef will tailor their menu to you, the menus they upload are an example and they enjoy tailoring their menus, as this is what they specialise in, the perfect dining experience. Or if you already know what menu you would like, find a Chef that specialises in that cuisine and ask them to make that menu for you. Send the Chef a message as before, select one of their menus that is similar either in cuisine or price and they will revert back to you with a menu and price.

We recommend reaching out to a few Chefs, as some might not be available. Your Chefs will also have questions for you to make sure they make the dining experience perfect for you.  They may ask about your kitchen, about your guests, what kind of facilities you have, how early they can arrive to prepare the food. They may also want to visit your location before the party to ensure they bring all of the correct equipment and know what to prepare in advance.

Again the Chef will tailor the atmosphere to how you want it so you can let him know how much of his presence you would like. Whether you’d like him to introduce each meal explaining the sourcing of the ingredients learning from his expertise or if you’d rather have a more private dining experience, the Chef will cater for whatever your preferences are.  

Services that the Personal Chefs can offer:

private chef Kari washington dc

Private Chef Kari in Washington DC

  • The Chefs can also match wine and drinks to your food
  • They can fill your fridge with a week’s worth of meals to suit your diet
  • Cater for hen parties
  • Cater for gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, halal or any other dietary requirements
  • Provide waiting staff
  • Teach cooking lessons
  • Provide cooking demonstrations
  • Help you design a meal plan

When you have exchanged some messages with the Chef and decided that this is the Chef you would like you can then proceed to the booking and the payment. The Chef will first pre-approve you to say that they can make this date for that amount of people with this menu. You can then choose to approve, decline or discuss more. When you choose to approve the Chef you will directed to the payment, where you can pay with your credit card. Once the payment has gone through you will be sent an automatic email with a receipt of the payment and the date of the event. Your contact details will now be released to the Chef and the Chef’s contacted details will be released to you. However we recommend that you continue to communicate through the platform so we can ensure your dining experience is fulfilled.

Now that your booking is complete the Chef will do the necessary shopping and preparation, arrive at the chosen time at your location, provide the menu chosen, clean everything they have used to cook and leave you feeling like it was the best meal you have ever eaten.  Bon Appetite! 

If you need any tips on how to throw your dinner party or what kind of theme to set your dinner party, check out our other blog posts here and here.

If you have any questions about the evening at all please reach out to the Chef, they will be happy to answer any question you have, or you can email us at  We also have a detailed FAQs page here and the live chat is also available, in the bottom right hand corner of each page on the ChefXchange website.