How to Have a Healthy Weekend

We all do it – try our best all week to be healthy, and then when Friday arrives all good intentions go out the window! It’s very easy to splurge out on weekends – laze around, drinks with friends, heavy Sunday roast… by the time Monday rolls back round, we feel terrible! Here are some top tips for staying healthy over the weekend, whilst still having fun.


There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks with friends, but try to go for the healthy option with mixers – soft drinks like coke and lemonade are stuffed full of sugar, with soda and tonic much better choices. Sweet cocktails like pina coladas are very high in calories – sometimes 500/600 – so are best left for special occasions. Definitely avoid caffeine-fuelled energy drinks like Red Bull, which can lead to dangerous problems like heart palpitations  – see here for more information. A good trick is to dilute drinks with soda water; for example, going for a white wine spritzer will slow down the rate at which you drink alcohol and is also very refreshing! Even better, alternate (or swap) your alcoholic beverages with healthy and delicious soft drinks like lime and soda, or even just water.



Most of us spend all week trapped in an office, and after work it’s often dark already or we’re too exhausted to get out and about. The weekend is your time to get some sunshine, fresh air and Vitamin D, and some studies even show going outdoors can boost happiness levels! It can be easy to feel the weekend’s a chance to slob around indoors watching TV or browsing online, but while there’s nothing wrong with some rest and relaxation, make sure you also dedicate some time to explore outdoors – whether it’s a ramble along the river, picnic in the park, game of tennis or whatever takes your fancy!



On weekdays most people tend to have a set routine, getting up and going to bed at a similar time each day… but this often falls apart on the weekend! Late nights and late mornings mean you can miss most of the hours of daylight which isn’t great – see the point about the importance of getting outside above! Furthermore, messing up your sleep routine over the weekend makes Monday mornings even more painful as you struggle you get back into the rhythm 🙁 everyone loves a lie in – but if you can limit it to an hour or two later than your usual wake-up time, Monday will be that much more bearable and you’ll maintain the timing of your body’s internal clock.



It can be easy to splurge out on junk food on weekends, from Friday night take out to snacking in front of the TV. You may have been well-behaved all week and feel you deserve a little treat… or two. Instead of dieting during the week and binging on weekends, try to maintain a healthy balanced diet all week long that you can get into the habit of maintaining. And instead of microwave meals or takeaways, why not invite friends over and hire a ChefXChange private chef for a home-made meal with good quality, natural ingredients?

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Have a healthy weekend everyone – and have fun too!