How To Host a Dinner Party? Planning Checklist and Creative Dinner Party Ideas Included

The party season is coming! Along here comes the headache of hosting dinner parties. We all know the time when all of our friends have had their go and now it’s your time to invite everyone to your house. That’s why we decided to make a super useful checklist on how to host a dinner party that will make it easier. 

How To Host a Dinner Party? Planning Checklist and Creative Dinner Party Ideas

how to host a dinner party

1. Decide on a party theme 

When you are thinking of how to host a dinner party, your planning should include two most important things: the menu and the theme. There are many amazing themes that you can choose depending on who your crowd is. You can read this post on the best dinner party themes if you’re struggling.  When you’re choosing a theme to think about the kind of party and your space. If you’re hosting it in the garden maybe the theme can be summer sports and you can play volleyball or badminton after dinner. If it’s a cold evening you can go for a board game night. 

board games

Another fun theme would be national cuisines so you can make a French night, Italian night etc. You can also get inspired by a movie and make a Dirty Dancing dinner party or one with a theme of Pulp Fiction. Use your imagination and think how you can tie the theme with food, dress up or activities. That will give you an endless list to choose from. 

2. Create a guest list 

list making

Think about who do you want to invite for the party. Try to be selective, because if you decide to invite all your friends and family it will be a nightmare to cook and seat everyone. Think about your group friends and try to include everyone in a certain group. It will be much nicer to throw a few soirees for different friends then killing yourself over cooking for 20 people. 

3. Pick the day 


When picking the appropriate date consider the day of the week. It is going to be hard for your guests to make it if you choose to do the dinner in the middle of the week. On Fridays, it is always much nicer and more relaxing for everyone to socialise. 

4. Send the invites


It does not have to be anything fancy like creating nice printed invitations. The hassle-free way to do it will be just giving people a call or sending out an email invite with details.

5. Hire a Private Chef

chef cooking

There are many reasons why hiring a chef for your party is a better choice than cooking. Firstly having a private chef means not worrying about the food at all: no cooking, no grocery shopping no cleaning and no menu creating. Getting a Private Chef also means that you can be sure that the culinary experience will be exceptional.

6. Decorate your home

living room

Depending on your theme there may be more or less space for decorating your house. Regardless of the theme, you can decorate our home with some extra flowers, nice table cloths maybe some fragrant candles. There is always an opportunity to make your home look festive. 

7. Get praised

clapping child

The last but the most pleasant part of our checklist on how to throw a dinner party is getting praised! After all the preparations have been done, there is only one thing for you to do: have fun! Your guests will appreciate your efforts and surely pay you plenty of compliments. So sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the lovely company. If you’re feeling really funny you can set up a silly TripAdvisor page.

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