5 Best Tips On How To Host A Party In A Small Space!

It can put you off throwing a party in your apartment if you think your space is small.  What’s the alternative?  You can rent a space and have a party there, or go to a restaurant or bar?  But it’s not the same as having one at your own place.  Especially when it’s more expensive to rent a place, plus you can’t have exactly what you want.  Hosting a party at home is really flexible, and you can control the party mood and theme.  Don’t let the size of your place demoralise you, let us show you how to host a party in a small space!

How To Host A Party In A Small Space Like Big Boys And Girls

So no matter if you are hosting a dinner party, a buffet dinner party, or a surprise dinner party we will show you how you can rule the game and host a party in a small space.

Let’s get started.

5 tips on how to host a party in a small space:

1: Rearrange the furniture and keep the decor simple

dinner party

The most important part of hosting a party is utilising the space.  Rearrange your furniture!  Can you push your furniture to the outer walls, can you move it to different rooms completely?  If you’re having a lot of guests there won’t be room for everyone to sit.  Instead, remove all seats so no one can sit and just have table space for drinks and food.  

2: Get creative with additional seating

dinner party

This is especially important when you are hosting a dinner party.  If you’re having a more relaxed buffet-style party then the seating doesn’t matter.  But have you ever tried to throw a dinner party with your guests standing up?  It might be a little tricky!  Bunch tables together and get seats from anywhere you can.  Use your dining table seats, your stools from the bedroom, even an armchair if you need to!

 3: Go for mood lighting and candles


One way to make your room look bigger is to change the lighting.  Don’t use your main lights, instead use a selection of lamps and candles.  It will set a relaxed mood as well as giving the illusion that your room is bigger than it really is.  This tip works for all kinds of parties, whether it’s a dinner party, buffet party or a larger party.

4: Use your wall space


If you want to display something then instead of using table space use the walls.  If you’re hosting a dinner party stick the menu on the wall.  It makes for a more interactive party.  If you ‘re having a surprise party then celebrate the guest of honour by sticking photos or memories up on the wall.  If you have shelves, clear some room and people can use this for resting their drinks and food, this is a great tip for a buffet dinner party.

5: Be different by leveraging a private chef’s expertise

Chef preparing food

Private Chefs have vast experience in hosting parties in small spaces, it’s their job to be able to do it!  And of course, they do it in their spare time too.  Ask them to help you with the planning and the food.  What food will work better for a buffet party in a small space?  What food will work better for a dinner party in a small space?  Want to ask one now?  Find a Chef here.

That’s our tips on how to host a party in a small space, now go and create an amazing party for you and your guests!  Take a look here if you need some surprise birthday ideas or if you need help catering for small parties.