Recipes from hilarious Friends TV show moments

Friends is an iconic sitcom, a timeless TV series that we will never stop binge watching. Personally, I can watch an episode a million times and still laugh at every punch line. Although there was only one of the Friends cast that was a professional chef–Monica–the rest of the cast are big foodies, especially Joey. Find out how to make a dish from each of the six friends.

recipes from friends tv show

Ross: The Sandwich

Ross's Sandwich

Ross’s Sandwich

The turkey sandwich that his sister Monica makes is so special to Ross. It contains a special layer that keeps the sandwich moist, Ross calls it the “moist maker”. Find out how to make it here.

Phoebe: Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Phoebe's cookies

Phoebe’s cookies

Phoebe’s great aunt, called “Neslee Toulose” had a special recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Phoebe lost the recipe in a fire and Monica was eager to help her re-create it. After testing almost 20 batches, the girls find out that the recipe was on the back of the chocolate chip bag all along.  You can find the recipe for the perfect cookies here.

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Monica: Candy

Monica's Candy

Monica’s Candy

As the holiday season approaches, Chef Monica decides that she wants to get to know the neighbours by leaving out some homemade candies on the door. The neighbours loved them so much that some described them as little pieces of heaven. Check out this recipe.

Rachel: Trifle

Rachel's Trifle

Rachel’s Trifle

On Thanksgiving, Monica gives Rachel the responsibility of making the dessert. Rachel mixes up the pages of the recipe book and ends up with a layer of beef sautéed with peas and onions. Check out this recipe for a sweet raspberry trifle.

Joey: Italian Meatball Sub

Joey's Meatball Sub

Joey’s Meatball Sub

Do you remember that episode when the boys go on a ride along with Phoebe’s boyfriend Garry the cop? While they were in the car, they hear a car backfire but they assume it’s a gun shot. Joey dives to protect his sandwich from the gun shot, that’s just how good that sandwich is. Joey would most definitely approve of this recipe.

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Chandler: Mac & Cheese 

Chandler's Mac'n'Cheese

Chandler’s Mac’n’Cheese

Chandler’s favourite meal comes up multiple times during the 10 seasons of the show. The most memorable instance is when Monica is making a romantic dinner for her husband and it turns out to be mac & cheese with cut up dogs. Check this recipe for a grilled hot dog mac & cheese.

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