How To Plan A Baby Shower? Baby Shower Planning Checklist Included

The first one is always the hardest. When your first friend, or older sister or perhaps your partner, is having their first baby, the tension and panic are real. If you’re anything like me you would not have had any idea about babies until of course, all your besties get pregnant. The weird thing is that it feels like it just all happens at once! Are all the babies being born this year?! Even if a little overwhelming, it is such a joyful event and it is only right to throw a party for a mom to be and her bundle of joy! Here is our checklist, on how to plan a baby shower, that will help you not to lose your head when you do it for the first time.

How To Plan A Baby Shower? Baby Shower Planning Checklist Included

A baby shower is a truly great party to take part in and to throw. The anticipation of waiting for a new member of the family is one of the happiest celebrations! There are many reasons why throwing a baby shower is fun. One is that you get to celebrate with all the people that you truly love spending time with. Another, that it may be the last time in a while when you can enjoy your best friends company uninterrupted. And finally, it is a great excuse to throw a pastel themed party and not have to apologize about cute decorations! But planning is important here and that is why we came up with the checklist that shows you how to plan a baby shower.

Let’s get started!

How To Plan A Baby Shower? Baby Shower Planning Checklist Included

1. Create a guest list and choose a team to help you plan a baby shower.


The first step is to figure out who needs to be invited. Try to think about all the friends of the parents to be as well as family. It is important that you get all the key people in like moms, grandmas, and friends. It will be easier for you to get everything organized if you choose some people to help you out. Divide the tasks.

 2. Pick a date and time that is convenient for everyone.


Make sure that you choose a date that is appropriate for all the important people. The family of the future mommy, as well as all the closest friends. You also want to make sure that it is not too far into pregnancy, but not too early either. The best idea is to plan it in the third trimester.

3. Decide on a budget.


Make sure that you plan the budget before spending. Usually, it’s a nice idea, for all the people participating to pitch in to cover the costs, but if you want to finance the event yourself that is fine too. It is important though to see how much money you have on your hands before you start spending. The party doesn’t have to be expensive and there are many great things you can do on a budget as well as when you have a bunch of the money to spend. 

 4. Choose a venue.


Once you know how many you can roughly expect to come then you can choose a venue. It can be a garden party or a nice picnic in a park. You can also use your house or hire a floor in a local council office. When choosing, take into account any planned activities as well as the guest count.

5. Plan and design dinner/lunch menu.


Plan the food! Depending on when you will be celebrating organize a lunch or dinner menu. You can have a buffet or seated arrangement. Make sure that you take any food allergies of your guests. If you are not an expert in arranging dishes together, do not worry you can ask for our Private Chefs help in this matter. They are experts in the field! 

6. Design, print and get the invitations sent.


Get some cute invites and send them out. That way no one will forget the date or time, and you will have a nice memory of the event.

7. Order flowers and decide on non-floral decor.


No baby shower is complete without decorations. Get some pretty flowers and other decorations like balloons. You can decide to go for pink for a baby girl or blue for a baby boy.

8. Pick favors and gifts


Think about the gifts, perhaps there are some things that the mom-to-be needs. Maybe there will not be many surprises if you ask, but most likely your gift will turn out to be much more useful and baby mama will definitely be happy in the long run.

9. Hire a private chef or catering services.


One way to get out of cooking or paying a huge bill in the restaurant is to book a Private Chef to prepare the food for you. It will be a special experience not only in terms of the delicious food but also much less stressing for you as a host. And in terms of budget perspective, it is worth to hire catering or private chef because it is inexpensive than restaurants.

10. Party time!

baby shower

Our final point on the checklist of how to plan a baby shower is PARTY! yes party 🙂 Finally, no more preparations and your work is finished. The only thing left to do is to enjoy the company of your friends and celebrating the new arrival of a new member to your group

We hope our tips have helped you in your search on how to plan a baby shower. If you need more inspiration on organizing big celebrations have a look at our article on How To Plan a Bachelorette Party? If you’re looking for some great ideas for the menus to serve to have a look at what our Private Chefs have to offer.