How To Throw A Bollywood Themed Dinner Party? Bollywood Bash!

Planning themed dinner parties is always fun, it gives direction to the food and decorations, as well as a reason to splurge on a new outfit and set a dress-code without seeming too ‘controlling’.  A Bollywood themed dinner party is not always explored as it is assumed to be too difficult.  However, with the help of our Private Chef in London, Parveen, she has answered your questions so you can throw the best Bollywood themed dinner party effortlessly.

Bollywood Themed Dinner Party Ideas:

1. What should I wear to a Bollywood-themed Party?

Woman wearing a saree

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The beauties of Bollywood are known for their wonderful outfits, so set a dress code and let your guests know.  For the ladies, there’s the saree, but they can be hard work.  There’s a lot of folding and if you’re new to it you really need someone to help you.  If you’re determined to give it a try then check out these steps.  If you want to go for something a little simpler then wear a brightly coloured embellished dress.  Then come the accessories, the more the better, wear as many bangles as you can fit on your arm, big dangly earrings and if you’re brave enough for a nose ring.  When it comes to Bollywood more is less, so the more the better! For the gentleman there’s the Kurta shirt, wear a bright colour and match it with a scarf, and on your legs wear some jeans or trousers.

2. How should I decorate my home?

Indian decor

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When imagining a Bollywood themed dinner party, an intimate setting comes to mind, so try and replicate this. Use candles as the main source of light along with lamps. If you don’t want to be replacing candles as they run out buy battery powered ones, their flickering is very real. Keep the colour theme vibrant, bring out all your coloured pillows and throws to add some colour to your room. You could even create a seating area on the floor with pillows, throws and rugs. It doesn’t matter if your colours don’t match, the more colourful the better.

3. How do I decorate my table?

Colorful candles

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Firstly, choose a colour scheme, bright colours are best. Chef Parveen personally loves gold and red, as it adds an upscale feel to the event. Lay a red table cloth on the table and have a gold runner down the centre of the table. In the centre of the table have a candle centrepiece, and then individual candles running down the rest. Use gold placemats and gold trimmed plates and place red napkins on top, if you’re feeling extra fancy style them into a shape, see a range of easy folds here

4. How do I make my food look high-end?

Masala dish

If you already have your dinner table looking beautiful from the step before, then you are in good stead to make the food look really high end. The best thing about Indian food is that it always tastes better when made in advance, so if you make it the day before you take a task off your hands, and also it will have marinated making the food really tasty and juicy. On the night you only need to worry about the presentation. Use beautiful serving wear, the best are serving plates and bowls with gold trim. So you don’t need to purchase too many, buy large ones, one for each dish, and this will make the table look prettier, too many serving dishes will be confusing and look scattered.

An amazing trick is edible ‘glam’ Chef Parveen uses edible glitter and it always wows her customers, it’s inexpensive and really goes the extra step to make your dessert look too pretty to eat.

5. How can I make my Bollywood dinner party easier?

Chef Parveen

With all these steps it can seem a lot to do and to prepare, to make it easier you might consider getting some help. Whether it’s asking a friend or family member to help you with the food, the traditional Indian way is that everybody mucks in to lend a hand. If you’re wanting to make it effortless then consider employing some help, whether it’s a waiter for a couple of hours to serve drinks, the food and then clean up. Another option is to hire a Chef, they can handle the whole evening, from the drinks, to the table decoration (meaning you don’t need to buy items you might not use again), to cooking and serving the food, as well as cleaning up and if you’re wanting to experience the whole evening then they can take you through the after dinner entertainment in the step below. Browse our Chefs here , or contact Bollywood Chef Parveen in London here

6. What should I do for after dinner entertainment?


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Chef Parveen always includes a Bollywood dancing lesson at the end of her dinner parties; it’s great fun after you’ve had a few drinks. Find a tutorial on YouTube that you and your friends can dance and laugh along to. Next, comes shisha games, using a shisha pipe and a straw. Again, you can find these tutorials online.

Chef Parveen hopes she has passed her wisdom on to you to make your Bollywood themed dinner party flawless, and if you have any questions for her simply comment them below. Read here for some tips on throwing a stress-free dinner party