How you can eat like The Queen to keep healthy and energised

Yesterday we celebrated Queen Elizabeth becoming the longest reigning monarch, beating Queen Victoria’s record. Today, we find out her eating habits in the Daily Mail.  Is this the most exciting week or what?  Her Personal Chef for 11 years revealed that the royal menu hasn’t changed much over the last 63 years.

Her Private Chef, Darren McGrady, said that the Queen kept up with fashionable food trends such as farm to table menus, but mostly keeps her menu simple and seasonal.  Darren McGrady said:

The Queen ‘insists on food in season’ … while she is ‘happy’ to eat strawberries from her garden at Balmoral in the summer, she would ‘never’ eat them in January

We love seasonal vegetables too, one of our Chefs only cooks food with seasonal vegetables and some of them even come from his garden, view Chef Daniels profile here.

Beetroot Quails Egg by Chef Daiel

Chef Daniel’s Beetroot Quails Egg from his ‘From My Garden to your Plate’ menu

The Queen loves butter, but she does keep a close eye on her weight.  While the Queen is entertaining she will eat meals that are heavy in butter and cream, but when she is alone she mostly eats grilled chicken and salad to keep her figure slim.  Apparently the Queen is very disciplined and has a ‘no starch’ rule.  No wonder she looks so amazing and healthy for her age!

If you are watching your weight we have many Chefs that will cater to this, take a look at Chef Nabz & G menus who specialises in health foods.

Chef Nabz & G Dubai Matcha Chia Pudding

Chef Nabz & G Matcha Chia Pudding

The Queen has a daily menu presented to her each day with two options for each course, she then crosses out which one she doesn’t like and sometimes even adds her own suggestions.  

At ChefXchange, you can be treated like royalty too without the pricetag.  Our Chefs will tailor their menus to your preferences, browse our list of London Private Chefs here.

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