How This Busy Businesswoman Used ChefXChange To Celebrate Her Husband’s 30th Birthday

Tena is a busy businesswoman living in Dubai. She wanted to organise a special evening to celebrate her husband’s 30th birthday. Since both she and her husband are foodies it just seemed like a natural choice to centre the celebrations around food!

How This Busy Businesswoman Used ChefXChange To Celebrate Her Husband's 30th Birthday

As Tena told us  ‘I wanted to do something different from your average Dubai restaurant dinner.  I wanted something that will feel special, exclusive but still personal and intimate.‘ That is when she came across ChefXChange.

Husband’s 30th Birthday with ChefXChange

Tena was browsing online to find some nice ideas to celebrate the event and, on social media, she came across ChefXChange. Having a Chef come and cook just for her and her husband seemed like something much more special than simply going to a restaurant.

She said ‘It just feels like a more special thing to do- it’s more exclusive but still very comfortable and private because you are in your own home. For us, watching a top notch chef cook right in front of and learning some new techniques was such a pleasure.’

Chef cutting tuna Tuna steak

Once the decision had been made, the only thing left to do was to choose a Chef and the experience. Tena chose to hire Chef Samih. In her chat with ChefXChange, she mentioned: ‘Booking through ChefXChange was very simple and straightforward.

I told Chef Samih what I would like to get out of the dinner, he suggested a few menu options and we agreed very quickly on the plan.’


When the evening came, she was a little nervous about how she and her husband would feel having a Chef cook in their kitchen. Would it be difficult for him not in a restaurant? Would it be odd for them having someone else in their kitchen? Nevertheless, Chef Samih made a great impression with his friendly attitude, a great knowledge of food and amazing cooking techniques.

They both had an opportunity to see first hand how a professional chef works, and learn a few bits and bobs from the master. 

Lamb Lamb

Samih shared stories with them from his travels around the world, which put Tena and her husband at ease. It was also so comfortable being able to relax in their own home whilst listening. 

At the same time, it was an intimate evening with beautiful and delicious food. Tena’s husband loved his surprise so much that he said it was the best birthday gift that he could ask for.

Chocolate fondant

When Chef Samih was finished with cooking, he left the kitchen spotless, much to his guests’ delight! They were amazed by the lovely evening they had the pleasure of enjoying. Tena tells us that she rated Samih so highly that she’s decided to book Samih again for their friend’s dinner.

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