Our Favorite Ideas for Spending Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. Whether we are single, in a relationship, or married, most of us think about how we’re going to spend February 14th. We do have a list of favorite ideas for spending Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a day to celebrate love. Valentine’s day isn’t exclusively for couples; we believe that this day should be a day celebrated by everyone. As with any celebration, the one thing that should always be included is food! We understand that planning, organizing, and executing what you have in mind will likely take a lot of time, effort, and may stress you out–that’s where ChefXChange comes to the rescue. You can choose and customize your own experience. Whether it’s live cooking, a cooking class or even gourmet catering, we’ve got you covered!

We would like your Valentine’s Day experience to be as flawless as possible. We have a variety of excellent chefs who specialize in gourmet ethnic and international cuisines. We’ll plan the food and you plan the rest!

Favorite Ideas for Spending Valentine's Day

Not sure how to celebrate? Here are some few of our favorite ideas for spending Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day With Your Significant Other

1. Romantic dinner under the desert stars

Favorite Ideas for Spending Valentine's Day

The UAE is known for its whimsical dessert, clear skies, and bright stars. The weather is perfect for camping this time of the year. Pack up your camping gear, wine, roses, and surprise your significant other with a delicious gourmet picnic catered by our chefs under the bright skies.

2. Dinner for two at home

Our Favorite Ideas for Spending Valentine's Day

Romantic gourmet dinners have been made easy with ChefXChange. Forget about getting a reservation at an overpriced restaurant with mediocre food and an ambiance that leaves something to be desired. Customize your playlist, put up your own decorations, and customize the menu as well! You can choose your own experience by either having your private chef live cook everything and serve you or drop it off to you so you can have more privacy.

Valentine’s day with your friends

3. Friends BBQ

Our Favorite Ideas for Spending Valentine's Day

Like Friendsgiving, we totally endorse grabbing a bunch of friends and having a non-traditional Valentine’s Day celebration. I mean, the day is all about love, right? What’s better than being surrounded by a group of your closest friends, celebrating friendship with a delicious beachside BBQ? Our chefs can provide top notch meat and a delicious array of sides—so much that you’ll be wondering why you haven’t already ditched Dubai brunches to do this instead on the regular!