In the Kitchen with Chef Radina

This week we’re meeting with Private Chef Radina, one of our very talented amateur Chefs in Dubai. Let’s see what’s her style in the kitchen!

What’s in your fridge right now?

Loads of fresh herbs, tomatoes and cheese.

Who cooks at home?

Me. The kitchen is my playground.

Favorite place to eat /restaurant in your current city?

I fell in love in Pacha Ibiza Dubai. The food there is superb.

Tell us more about one of your menu available on Chefxchange?

My fine dining menu is a must try as it shows that even an amateur Chef can cook like a pro. The starter is fresh tuna ceviche with grapefruit and lime. For main I serve crispy-skin duck and caramelized carrots. And for dessert, a crème caramel with rose water and crushed candied mandarin peel.

Who taught you how to cook?

Women in our family know their cooking and I follow my mum and Nan steps.

Sum up your cooking style in three words.

Fresh, innovative and delicious.

Savory or Sweet?


Which Chef would you love to meet?

Gordon Ramsey and Jacques Pépin.

Favorite kitchen gadget?

The whisk!

Best advice you’ve received in your career?

To keep doing what makes me happy- food is certainly one of them.

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