International Chefs Day

When you think of the arts, what comes to mind? Performing arts? Visual arts? Fine arts? For all of those culinarily inclined, or that simply love a delicious meal, we hope that culinary arts was at the top of your list! Today, October 20th, is International Chefs Day.

International Chefs Day

World Chefs International Chefs Day Banner

International Chefs Day was started by the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) to pay tribute to the men and women in the culinary world and the very important role chefs play in our societies. The day is well-deserved. Chefs are like superheroes—multitasking, knife-wielding, indefatigable, flavor scientists that do all of this because of their passion for their art.

This year, WACS is focusing their vast efforts on “Healthy Kids — Healthy Future”. Below is their call-to-action. Such a worthy cause!

To celebrate this day, we are calling all chefs to engage with a local school, nursery school or kindergarten in your community and to have fun with young children, between 4-8 years old, while teaching them about healthy eating…

This is a great opportunity for chefs to make a difference in a young person’s life. And its really simple too…

With the help of Nestlé healthy Kids and the Worldchefs Without Borders Committee, we have created a play kit with healthy recipes and an easy campaign concept that you can easily recreate.

In the spirit of International Chefs Day, today and everyday, we at ChefXchange would like to recognize all of the talent both on and off our platform and thank our chefs for pursuing their passions. Food lovers, when you plan your next ChefXchange event in Dubai, London, the District, Beirut, or beyond, take heed and soak in the artistic talents of your chef. Our private chefs will not only bring the world to your plate, but also will give you one more piece of art to appreciate in your home or desired venue.