Celebrate International Sushi Day with Sushi Making Classes

For many, happiness is watching sushi go round and round on that conveyor belt! It is certainly blissful knowing that all the rolls are there, waiting for you to enjoy…or consume until you have a food baby. We all went through that phase of not knowing when to stop eating sushi. Because simply, the combination of fish, vinegar-ed and sweet rice, and fruits is mind-blowing! To all the sushi-holics out there, we will honor our healthy addiction on International Sushi Day by introducing you to the art of making sushi yourself!

International Sushi Day

Celebrate International Sushi Day with Sushi Making Classes

Imagine the possibilities you can have when you learn the art of making sushi! Or just focus on one: you can eat sushi whenever you crave it! This delicacy is easy to devour, but there’s more to making it than meets the eye. It takes years to perfect the art of making sushi. From cutting fish, to making the rice and presenting the rolls. The process is so detailed and accurate, and only the best of the best chefs make it. However, don’t abort the mission before it starts; it is not impossible. Personal skills and passion are vital, but it also takes a great teacher to educate the best students. That’s why, at ChefXChange we make sure to introduce you to our best chefs who can help grow your talent into perfection. And what better time to start developing your passion than on International Sushi Day!  

We will focus on 3 of the main culinary capitals of the world; Beirut, Dubai, and London. And we will introduce you to chefs who mastered the art of making sushi. Their experience will astound you, and will encourage you to book a class on the spot! There’s no time to waste, honor International Sushi Day by initiating your sushi making journey! 

Here’s a selection of Chefs who can take your passion to the next level!

Chef Karim in Beirut

Chef Karim has a passion for Japanese cuisine, one which keeps growing into amazing gastronomic creations. You’ll enjoy learning more about his international experience, and how he incorporates it in his Japanese cuisine. It is a learning journey that you don’t want to miss! Still not convinced? A display of his work just might change your mind, and your taste buds will love it as well!

international sushi day

This great dish is from chef Karim’s open sushi menu. And it is exactly what you will learn to make after booking a cooking class with him!

international sushi day

Now, preparing sashimi might seem easier than making sushi. But don’t let the lack of rice deceive you; there’s a lot of precision involved, and it’s challenging to perfect. 

Chef Ian in Dubai

Chef Ian has his own twist on sushi. It is absolutely exquisite! His creations are inspired by the Nipo Brasileiro culture of Japanese Immigrants to Brazil. The cultural take on this cuisine revolves around using available ingredients to make traditional maki rolls. So what ingredients does he include in these sushi rolls? Well, elements of tropical fruits, chili, Brazilian beef, cream cheese and others are included. And they add a delicious tropical twist to a much loved comfort food!

Now, enough with the talking, and let’s have a look!

International Sushi Day

These Brazilian Fritters have chicken instead of fish. However, the Japanese twist comes from the spicy kewpie mayonnaise dipping sauce! This will become one of your favorite comfort foods! Once you give it a try, you’ll be craving more!

International Sushi Day

Doesn’t this intricate sushi display make your mouth water? Isn’t your inner sushi-holic ready for a relapse?! Well, we definitely are! And preparing this will make your day, how about eating it?!

international Sushi Day

We’ve all seen dessert sushi, only to be astonished with how weird it sounds, and often looks. However, as Chef Ian says:” It is sinfully good”. We don’t know about you, but our sweet-tooth is intrigued!

Now, in London, we will be introducing 2 amazing chefs!

Chef Keiko in London

Chef Keiko learned the art of sushi from one of the best chefs she nows, her mother!  And soon, that grew into a profession. After enriching her experience by working in some of the top sushi restaurants in London, Chef Keiko decided to transfer her knowledge. When you seek sushi and teppanyaki cooking classes, Chef Keiko is the one!

international sushi day

Maki rolls are always a foodies favorite! And you can create either the simplest or the most condense rolls ever! Leave it to Chef Keiko to teach you how to add your personal touch on maki rolls, and perfect the taste as well!

international sushi day

Caviar is a delicacy that adds a certain salty crunch to your sushi rolls. Chef Keiko will make sure you perfect these caviar coated rolls!

Chef Nick in Bristol, London

Chef Nick started his culinary journey as a self taught chef, then his experience expanded to fine dining at the Michelin and rosette level. Now, gaining experienced from Chef Nick is an absolute win for you! You’ll learn the basics of sushi making, complementary desserts and drinks from A to Z!international Sushi day

Are you excited for your new learning experience as much as we are?! Hurry up and book your cooking class with your favorite chefs.

Or you can go to our concierge page and include your request, and we’ll take it from there!