Introducing our new London Private Chef Parveen

This weekend we tried out some more of our amazing Chefs recipes, this time it was one of our new London Private Chefs, Chef Parveen.  As well as being a Private Chef, Parveen also makes her own spice bags so you can re-create her food in your own home easily.  We didn’t believe her as to how easy it was so we gave it a try ourselves, read below to find out how it went.

Private Chef Parveen

Chef Parveen is based near Cambridge but can travel all over the UK to cater for you.  Her speciality is in Bollywood evenings where she will cook a decadent 5-course meal for you and your guests followed by teaching you Bollywood dancing, then relaxing with shisha.  Although she has only been with us for a few weeks she already has a 5 star rating and it’s not hard to see why, from her dressing your table with hand-made place cards to creating unique cocktails for you and your guests, her evenings really are special.  Parveen has cooked for many presitgious people during her career, such as African royalty and some celebrities too, making her the perfect person to provide you with a high-end evening.

Parveen has learnt her recipes from generations of family cooking and it is the love and energy that has gone into creating these recipes and from Parveen re-creating them that makes them so special.  As well as Bollywood banquets Parveen can also cook British, Chinese and European influenced cuisines as well as being highly experienced in catering for gluten-free diets and Halal, with a special expertise in ‘Fridge Fillers’.  Parveen also offers private cooking lessons to teach you to cook just like her, and this is also what she does through her spice packs.  

We tried her Chicken Tandoori recipe:

Step 1: Gathering the Ingredients

Chicken Tandoori Recipe

We always like to be overly prepared when it comes to cooking, so our first step is gathering the ingredients, and for this recipe there really weren’t many.  All we needed was Parveen’s spice bag, half a lemon, 2 chicken breasts and 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt.

Step 2: Making the marinade


The next step was even simpler than the first, we mixed the 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt with the contents of the spice bag.  The only slightly difficult part here is making sure you don’t spill any of the spice bag, an issue easily overcome by using 2-hands when pouring it in, it really isn’t the rocket-science we thought India cooking was!

Step 3: Mixing the marinade with the chicken.


This step involved putting the chicken in a large mixing bowl and adding the freshly made marinade to the bowl and mixing the marinade and the chicken.  The chicken then needed to be rested for 10 minutes, which was the longest part of the recipe, we used this time to make the side salad for our chicken.

Step 4: Cooking the chicken


In order to cook the chicken all we needed was a large pan, a dash of oil and some tongs.  To cook, the oil had to be hot, this is necessary for achieving the perfect chicken!  The chicken needed to be sealed on both sides, simply done by cooking each side for 2 minutes, and then cooking the chicken for a further 2 minutes on each side to make sure it is cooked through, although this is dependent on the size of the chicken pieces.  


As the chicken is cooking the marinade will gradually reduce as it is being soaked up by the chicken and the chicken will brown.

Step 5: Serving the Chicken



This was by far our favourite step of the menu, as we knew we were close to eating it.  All we had to do was cut our pitta in half, and place the chicken next it.  Parveen also recommends serving the chicken with cucumber raita, something we will try next time.


Using Parveen’s spice bag and recipe took only 20 minutes, including the 10 minutes resting time, and tasted like the best chicken tandoori we had ever tried.  We can’t wait to try out more of her recipes and this one again.  Let us know in the comments below the easiest meal you have ever cooked.

If you’d like one of her spice bags or for Parveen to teach you how to cook, have a look at her profile here.