It’s all fun and games for the pregnant with ChefXChange!

So, my sister’s pregnant. Quite pregnant, actually. She’s in her 8th month, and the baby is ready to enter the world! As much as we’re all excited to meet him, there’s still time before he’s ready to meet us. So… partial bed rest. Doctor’s orders!

Why are we telling you this? Well, we wanted to show you how booking a private chef comes in handy during moments like these.

My sister had to host a lunch for a few friends of hers and her husband. They were going to be a total of eight people. With a job, a two-year-old baby, another one on the way, and doctor’s orders, clearly she was not capable of going to the supermarket to buy ingredients and cook up a meal for eight! Instead, she decided to book a Private Chef to do the work for her. Who better than ChefXChange, nepotism at its very best?!

Friends sharing a meal

She booked Chef Karim, who prepared a delicious four-course meal for her guests. The food was great, Karim was amazing, and the experience was even better! Everyone left the table happy, having enjoyed the food, the company, and the experience. Chef Karim made sure to interact with everyone present, including my niece, and explain to them the origin of the food, and how it was made.

My sister greatly enjoyed it, and would definitely use the platform to book another chef for her upcoming gatherings. The best part of it all? My niece’s singing and dancing performance in the kitchen. She was even allowed to cook a little too!

If you’re looking for healthy meals while pregnant, make sure to book one of our Private Chefs for fridge fillers or a tailored menu. Also, make sure you check the Pregnancy Eats and Eat Nots