London’s very own Borough Market

You’re planning your visit to London, and wondering what you can do. You know the typical tourist locations that are featured on every poster and every destination magazine. But you want more. You want those local locations that will give you a taste of London. So let me tell you a little story.

You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. – Samuel Johnson

I must admit, I have a weakness for London. Every city I have visited so far can not seem to top it. So what is it about this city that makes loving it so easy?

You wake up on Saturday morning, the sun is shining. The weather is lovely for London. You’re wondering what to do. You get dressed and head towards the underground. You take the first train that can connect you to the Jubilee line, and then you head towards London Bridge station. Why are you heading there you may ask? I will tell you.

Just around the corner, after exiting the station from the Borough High Street exit, a four-minute walk away you find the famous Borough Market. Now this market has gained its fame for a variety of reasons. You first walk in and see the beautiful juice stand giving you options you can only dream about. Pomegranate and apple? No worries, you can definitely find it there. Feel like trying some cheese? Borough Market is a cheese lover’s heaven. Be sure to try the exquisite French Comte, and be sure to share with us the number of months that is your favorite! Is it the 12 months? 24 months? Let us know!
It doesn’t end here. You might find it a little strange when you see people queuing up to stick their nose in a jar. But then you look up and see the sign. “Smell me”. Nothing strange about that right? Just make sure you stand in that line, open up that jar, and smell those truffles. You then continue your stroll through the roads of the market, only to arrive at the sausage stands. So many options, such a big appetite! Your mouth starts watering. Don’t worry, you won’t be the first person that happens to.
Now I can’t talk about all the delicious food at Borough Market without mentioning the star of it all. A visit to Borough Market cannot be complete without trying out the oysters. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about those. Multiple stands will give you the option to try them out. Stand in that line, and get your oysters shucked. Make sure to add lemon, Tabasco, and vinegar and enjoy that picture perfect moment that will have you craving for more.

borough market
We all know that no market can be complete without sugar, spice, and everything nice. As you continue your stroll of the market, you get to the section of sweets! For those of you with a sweet tooth, this is definitely the place to be! So go wild, and excite your senses!

After all of this food, you can’t leave without passing by the Vinopolis alley and taking a selfie with the sky filled umbrellas! It’s the perfect spot for those rainy days! 

Now we all know the unpredictability of the English weather. And we all know what a hassle it can be to go out in the pouring rain, or when the wind that feels 10 degrees lower than it actually is. Not a problem at all! You can still enjoy delicious food! All you have to do is log in here and hire your own private chef that will cater to your excited taste buds!