Love For Beirut Chefs Under CXC Roof

Finally!! The time for Beirut Chefs to shine through CXC has come. On Tuesday night, almost all the chefs–whether they had signed up and been approved or only signed up, ranging from amateur to professional–came (with food) to the CXC office in Ashrafieh.

Lebanon is a small country so most of the chefs had heard of one another, but had not necessarily met in person–until our event. They spread the love by sharing their experience and favorite dishes. It definitely inspired the Chefs who had not yet completed their profiles, want to do so as soon as possible.

Chefs who are ready to be booked:

  1. Chef Tarek: Starting his career more than 30 years ago in the USA cooking Italian food, Chef Tarek brings out the youth in the youth, he is very energetic, charismatic, and fun to talk to.Beirut Chefs
  2. Chef Mood: Began his career as a Sous Chef in one of the prestigious hotels in Beirut, working his way up to a Food Presenter while using ChefXchange to spread his passion for cooking. He has his own artistic personality unlike any other. He cooks Mediterranean cuisine unlike any other, adding his own twist to it. Talking to him will put a smile on your face, as will his delicious food!Beirut Chefs
  3. Chef Farid: A banker whose passion for cooking was greater than the interest rates. Chef Farid specializes in buffet style menus and finger foods. Let me give you some insider information, his desserts are to die for.               
  4. Beirut ChefsChef Karim: Perfecting his skills in Manhattan, he came back to Beirut to spread his knowledge among us. Chef Karim is very confident, and will make you want to book him through words alone. 
  5. Beirut ChefsChef Hanane: A Moroccan Chef specializing in African and Spanish cuisines, she received her diploma in culinary arts and has an abundance of kitchen experience from around the world.Beirut Chefs
  6. Chef Hussein: Trained in the essence of exciting your taste buds, he is a very polite Chef who specializes in amazing Lebanese and International cuisine.Beirut Chefs
  7. Chef Dima: Possessing the ultimate of combination of Chef experience and professionalism, she studied food service & restaurant management and knows the history of the food she cooks–authentic Syrian cuisine with a yummy twist.Beirut Chefs
  8. Chef Nizar: Like most chefs out there, he studied something not related to food but eventually joined his father for his calling. He has become an experienced Chef with amazing food and also featured in Lebanese food magazines.Beirut Chefs 
  9. Chef Michael: Whatever I say about Chef Michael will not do him justice. Having extensive experience from around the world–especially in France–he brings you what no French Chef in Lebanon can. He’s the executive chef at one of the finest dining venues in Beirut. Chef Michael will charm you while he cooks for you the greatest dishes you’ll ever eat. Beirut Chefs

For the Chefs who have yet to sign up, and for the one’s who have yet to complete their profiles…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Join your comrades in fighting the good fight to bring great dishes and new experiences to food lover’s homes.