Love meat? Meet our new partner: Les Gastronomes UAE

Foodies and Chefs, this is for you. Do you love meat and fine foods? Is the provenance of your food a top priority? Our newest partnership in the UAE with Les Gastronomes Meats & Fine Foods Store is what you’ve been missing in your #DubaiLife.


les gastronomes uae

You know us. Here at ChefXChange we pay particular attention to the experiential aspect of dining, from all angles. It just made sense to us to partner with a company that provides an exceptional meat experience by selecting premium cuts as well as other products which will complement your meat dish. Les Gastronomes aims to educate and inspire meat lovers with their hand selected meat and complementary products. Here’s peek at what you can expect from Les Gastronomes:

  • Rangers Valley Wagyu Tenderloin (Marble 5 or above)
  • Black Onyx Angus Tomahawk steak
  • Black Onyx Angus Inside skirt steak
  • Wagyu Burger Patties & Buns
  • Canadian Ecolait Veal Rack or Chops
  • Canadian Lamb Rack or Chops

…. and so much more. Check out the full spread of options at their website here.

For your next BBQ in Dubai, ask your Private Chef in Dubai about what they can specially source for you from Les Gastronomes. Perhaps you’d also like a fine cheese board to kick-off your BBQ or some truffle-infused sea salt to add a subtle yet unforgettable flair to your Tomahawk steak? They can source that for you as well! We’re super excited about this collaboration. Is your mouth watering yet? If you’re somehow not yet convinced, take a look at these beautiful pictures of their products and imagine them on your grill and in your stomach. 


Wow that is stunning ! #Repost @lidijaskitchen with @repostapp ・・・ In the words of the great @nigellalawson “Vegetarians, turn away now!” When I first heard about @lesgastronomes, a Dubai-based gourmet food provider that specialises in meat, I knew I had to try their products. The fact that they deliver is an added bonus. This Tomahawk black onyx angus steak is not only impressive in size (it’s as long as my arm and I’m a tall girl!), it’s succulent, juicy and full of flavour. My carnivorous husband and I grilled this baby to perfection which was deliciously crusted on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside – exactly what a fine piece of meat should be. We served it with a white bean and roasted garlic puree, red wine reduction and slow cooked, sweet baby onions. I think I’ll have to blog this recipe soon! This is definitely going on my New Year’s Eve Table. Deeeeelicious! #tomahawk #blackangus #steak #eeeeeats #food #heresmyfood #foodandwine #saveurmag #flashesofdelight #food52 #thefeedfeed #love #mydubai #chefInheels #chefstalk #picoftheday #foodpgotography #forkyeah #thatsdarling #foodstagram #foodiesofinstagram #dinner #latergram #inmykitchen #christmas #holiday #meat #foodlover #themarbledbeef @rangersvalley

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